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Sian Brooke would love to bring Eurus Holmes back as a consulting detective for Sherlock

The Moorside and Doctor Foster actress thinks Sherlock and Mycroft could learn a lot from their little sister

Eurus Holmes Sherlock
Published: Thursday, 1st February 2018 at 11:16 am

It's unclear how long we'll have to wait for another series of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss's Sherlock to hit our TV screens, but when it does the show's newest Holmes sibling, Sian Brooke, would absolutely love to bring Eurus Holmes back into our lives.


"HELL YES! She was brilliant," Brooke told when asked if she'd been keen to step into the role once again. "I loved playing Benedict’s younger sister and Mark’s younger sister, it was fantastic. I’ve missed my wig!”

Brooke, who has had a stellar year with roles in The Moorside and Doctor Foster, also seemed quite keen on the idea of the enigmatic Eurus serving as a consulting detective for her big brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft. “I would definitely be a consulting detective, she has the greatest brain, remember. So yeah, they can come to me!”

The actress has nothing but fond memories of her time on set, playing the brilliant but brutal Eurus. "I loved it, it was fantastic, it was a brilliant few months in Wales. I’d worked with Benedict before so then going on to play his younger sister was a bit of a dream job really," she said.

Brooke was also delighted with the response from fans to her character, who remained hidden in plain sight for much of fourth series. "You can’t really tell what’s going to happen. She came from left field, nobody really was sort of thinking that they would have a sister," she explained, "I’m just glad that they enjoyed it because they're great fans and to have their seal of approval was brilliant."

Most recently we've seen the actress going head to head with Suranne Jones's Doctor Foster as a mysterious new passive-aggressive GP who just so happened to be called Sian too. "She’s irritatingly great, if that’s the word," said Brooke of the character. "I remember reading her and thinking ‘could they not have changed her name because she’s slightly annoying and she has the same name as me’," she joked. "I loved playing her, she’s a brilliant character, Mike’s an amazing writer, I’ve known him for a long time and so when they approached me I said immediately 'yes, yes please'."

Now she's taken on one doctor, would she be interested in challenging another? Could she find time to create a little chaos for Jodie Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor, perhaps?

"I would love that," Brooke said. "I think it’s genius, Jodie’s casting and I would love to be able to play opposite Jodie. But I think, Doctor Who, yeah, to be able to play something so sort of fantastical would be great so who knows, we shall see."

The actress revealed that she's got a few projects lined up for the coming months but has to stay silent about them for now: "Everything I do, I always have to be sworn to secrecy," she said.


As far as we're aware, none of them involve her perennial co-star Benedict Cumberbatch (she played Ophelia to his Hamlet at the National Theatre in 2016) but Brooke is open to working with him again. "I did joke with him and I said basically every job that he does now he has to have a little clause in the contract that says 'I can only work with Sian'."


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