Will Sky's powerful drama Save Me return? It's a strong possibility but not a sure thing, according to writer/creator and star Lennie James.


Speaking to RadioTimes.com to promote the release of Save Me Too and the Save Me 1 & 2 box set on DVD and digital, James revealed that he is still "deliberating" on future instalments of the series, in which he plays Nelly Rowe.

"In all honesty, I am not at the stage I was when I was ready to write series one and series two," he said. "I may get there, I may not get there. It's do with not just moving Nelly’s story forward but moving the whole ensemble's story forward, and I’m not quite there yet.

"That’s not to say I won’t [get there], but it’s also not to say that I will get there. But we are certainly having conversations about it."

The biggest challenge in plotting out a third season, according to James, is coming up with material that properly services Save Me's large ensemble cast, with the likes of Suranne Jones, Stephen Graham and Jason Flemyng starring alongside him. "It has to feel as organic as I believe it did feel through one and two," he said. "So that’s the area that I’m exploring at the moment, to make sure we go forward as we’ve been going forward."

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The show's second season, the punningly-titled Save Me Too, saw Nelly give up a life of freedom and the chance to get to know his estranged daughter Jody (Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness) in order to protect Grace (Olive Gray), who – like Jody – had been sold into a sex trafficking ring.

Save Me Too – Nelly (Lennie James) and Grace (Olive Gray)
Save Me Too – Nelly (Lennie James) and Grace (Olive Gray) Sky UK Ltd

Grace had lashed out and murdered paedophile Gideon Charles (Adrian Edmondson), but Nelly took the blame for the crime, offering a false confession to the police to protect his new ward.

With Nelly now the one in need of saving, could a third season be titled Save Me Now? "It could be Save Me Now!" James confirmed. "Or it could be Save Me, Save You. It could be Save Thee! I’ve got literally no idea – if you’ve got a suggestion, please let me know...


"I’ve slightly made a rod to beat myself with, calling it [the second season] Save Me Too! I thought I was being so clever. But we shall see. Maybe something will come up in the writing - it usually does!"
Save Me Too is available on digital now and on DVD alongside Save Me 1 & 2 Box Set from 22nd June.