Rellik has proved tricky viewing for lots of drama fans, with the time flip making it hard to piece the case together and putting people off. (Take a look at our episode one recap if it had you scratching your head, too.)


The second instalment saw Gabriel getting increasingly obsessed with – and infuriated by – his hunt for the serial killer and a pretty big revelation was made.

Here’s what went down in chronological order…


The case

Christine broke into Isaac’s office and stole his laptop. When she got home, she watched a recording of herself stored on the computer in which she confesses to a series murders. She said she "killed them" and "burned them every single part so that no one ever would know who they are". It was pretty dark. (Whether Christine was confessing to the murders that Gabriel is trying to solve is unclear, because those bodies were identifiable.) When Isaac asked her why she did it, she replied: “Because I like it.”

Gabriel and the police searched Christine’s flat on suspicion of theft of a laptop. They quickly found the computer, seized it, and brought Christine into the station for questioning. Gabriel was certain she is the serial killer and was desperate to arrest her for theft, as they didn’t have any evidence to charge her for anything else. But Isaac wouldn’t press charges so they had to let her go free. Gabriel was distraught.

A blaze broke out at the police station. What’s that? A fire at the station where the laptop was being kept just after Christine left the building? How inconvenient! Gabriel was apoplectic with rage.

Gabriel went on a secret, solo mission and stormed into Christine’s flat. Ah, a TV detective going rogue and taking the law into his own hands, that old chestnut. Gabriel forcibly removed Christine from her home and shoved her in his car.

The pair of them went on a drive-from-hell. Gabriel decided to scare Christine by maniacally speeding against oncoming traffic down a motorway. It was his way of threatening her into admitting she started the fire and telling him why. Christine lied, telling him it was because there were recordings of her revealing her father’s abuse of her as a child, and how her mother “got rid” of him. She said she didn’t want her mother to be punished for protecting her and that’s why she burned the laptop. Gabriel didn’t believe her.

So. Christine said she was the killer. If this is true, does that mean she was the one filming Steven Mills in episode one? Or was she talking about other people she murdered unrelated to this case? Plus, we’ve still go reservations about psychotherapist Isaac, who has a suspicious air about him, as well as Patrick who fled the country in episode one… hopefully more will be revealed when we jump back in time next week.

Side notes

Elaine had photos of her and Gabriel having sex in a park. She anonymously posted them to Gabriel’s wife, Lisa, presumably to sabotage their marriage because she wants him to herself.

Lisa confronted Gabriel with the photos, saying she knew about the affair but had thought it was over. Gabriel was unapologetic – he was clearly raging at his wife for something she did to him in the past… but we have no idea what.

We found out a little more about Elaine’s past, too. Her father, who she seemingly hated, died. She was the only one at the funeral and she sold his beloved car for a lot less than it was worth, hoping he’d be turning in his grave if he knew.

Meanwhile, two secretive romantic liaisons are taking place within the Met – with Asim and Mike sleeping together but the latter not wanting to go public, and Jenny and Alex getting engaged when they were actually meant to be splitting up.

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This article was originally published in September 2017