The highly anticipated spin-off from BBC drama The A Word, called Ralph & Katie, is coming to screens in October, after filming began back in February this year.


The six-part series follows the titular Ralph, played by Leon Harrop, and Katie, played by Sarah Gordy, as they navigate married life after their wedding at the end of The A Word season 3.

It's described as a comedy drama which sees the couple face the challenges every newlywed faces, with the added fact that they have Down's Syndrome.

As Harrop and Gordy step into the spotlight in their own series, the two stars spoke with Radio Times magazine about filming in the Lake District, getting recognised for their roles and reuniting with old friends.

You can find the full Q&A interview below.

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How does it feel to be promoted to stars of your own show?

Sarah: “I jumped for joy and was in tears when I heard, I couldn’t believe it. Leon’s made me laugh since I first met him, and I’m happy to work with the producer Jules Hussey, who I’ve worked with since Call the Midwife.”

Leon: “When Peter [Bowker, series creator] told me, I went absolutely wild! I jumped around, screaming. I thought it was a prank and asked him to repeat it. There’s never been a show with two main characters like us, and that’s brilliant. Plus I’m happy, because I get to do lots just with Sarah.”

Has it been hard work?

Leon: “It is if other actors go off script! And I had three days off during filming. Sarah had two.”

Sarah: “Filming outdoors in the Lakes has been hard at times. I get really cold really easily and my fingers turn blue and black. And apart from Mothers Day, I had 12 weeks without my mum, the first time I’ve been away from her for that long.”

What’s it been like working with your coach, Jess?

Sarah: "She has a method of teaching us how to breathe first, and then say the lines. I stumble a lot and I have to ask her to help me take it slowly. Having Jess at my side, I have a friend for life."

Leon: "If I get a chunk of words all together, I struggle a bit to get them out. Jess tells me what the words mean, and I break them down, one by one. I stop there, get it in my head and then we do the full lines together."

Leon Harrop as Ralph Wilson, Sarah Gordy as Katie Wilson and Jamie Marie Leary as Emma.
Leon Harrop as Ralph Wilson, Sarah Gordy as Katie Wilson and Jamie Marie Leary as Emma. BBC/ITV Studios

How do you feel about having fans and getting recognised in the street? Now you’re the stars, that will only increase.

Leon: "It’s weird having people looking at me, or coming up to say, 'Are you Ralph? Nice to meet you'. But when fans ask for an autograph or a photo, I’m not the kind of person to say no. I say yes to everything."

Sarah: "I have a video message from someone who’s blind, who lives my area. She asked if I was going to be on television again. When I told her I was doing an A Word spin-off, she said, 'excellent, I’ve got to see this!'"

How did you find acting opposite Craig Cash, who plays Ralph and Katie’s neighbour?

Leon: "When I found out I was acting with Craig Cash, I went, 'I want Chris [Eccleston] back, please'. When I met Craig on set, I asked him, 'Are you good with comedy?' He said, 'Yeah, I’m brilliant'. So when I did a scene with him, I said, 'Right, let’s do it with comedy'. It worked – it was like having Chris beside me."

Sarah: "They’re very different. Chris is very quick, Craig is slow. It’s a sign of how good an actor you are, Leon, that you adapted to their different styles."

Leon: "I like Chris and I like Craig. They are different, but they’ve both got comedy bones."

Leon, how did you feel to be reunited with Pooky Quesnel, who plays Ralph’s mum?

Leon: "Pooky is so nice, happy and joyful. Sometimes when I get something wrong, she’ll jump in, say a line for me, stop, and then repeat it. We have an unbelievable relationship – it feels like working with my mum. My real mum is happy and proper proud of that."

Ralph & Katie will begin airing on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Wednesday 5th October at 9pm and 9:30pm. Check out our Drama hub for more news, interviews and features or find something to watch with our TV Guide.


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