Will there be a second season of Queen Sono? When will it be released on Netflix?

The six-part South African drama was critically acclaimed in its debut season **CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR SEASON ONE**

Production stills from the set of Netflix Queen Sono with Pearl Thusi, directed by Kagiso Lediga. Credit: Chris Duys / Netflix

In recent years Netflix has been making a concerted effort to diversify its catalogue of international programming, and the latest series to benefit from this strategy is Queen Sono – the streaming platform’s very first original series from the African continent.


The South African drama, which follows the trials and tribulations faced in the professional and personal life of a highly trained female spy, was released in 2020 to a broadly positive reception from critics.

And with the first season consisting of a relatively short run of just six episodes, viewers will likely be eager to know if they will be treated to a second season – and when they might expect to see it. Here’s everything we know so far…

Will there be a second season of Queen Sono?

Given that it’s not been long since the first season of Queen Sono landed on Netflix, it won’t be too much of a surprise that we don’t have any news of a second run being ordered just yet.

There’s no cause to worry though – this is standard practice for Netflix, and we’ll likely have a better picture of the future of the show towards the beginning of April.

Given that the first season ends on something off a cliffhanger, there will certainly be some disappointed fans if the show isn’t renewed…

When is Queen Sono season 2 out on Netflix?

With no official renewal announced yet, the best we can do is take an educated guess at an air date for a potential second series – and with that in mind we’d likely be looking at another late February release next year.

Who will be in the cast of Queen Sono season 2?

It would be impossible to imagine the show returning without Pearl Thursi reprising her role as the titular character – so you can probably count on her leading the cast again in the event of a second season.

Its probably also a safe bet to assume that many of the first season’s other stars, including Vuyo Dabula as black nationalist rebel leader Shandu Johnson Magwaza and Kate Liquorish as sociopathic villain Ekaterina Gromova.

But one person who won’t be returning is Abigail Kubeka who played a character that was killed off in the first series – Queen’s paternal mother Mazet.

Away from the cast, it’s likely that comedian Kagiso Lediga, who created, co-wrote and directed the series, will remain in a prominent role behind the camera going forward.

What happened in Queen Sono season 1?

Production stills from the set of Netflix Queen Sono with Pearl Thusi, directed by Kagiso Lediga. Credit: Chris Duys / Netflix

Revolving around the life of the eponymous Special Operations Group (SOG) agent, the debut season saw Queen attempt to balance Bond-style spying missions with a tricky personal life, while also addressing the death of her mother – a former anti-apartheid revolutionary leader who was assassinated while Queen was still a child.

The main plot of the series saw Queen come up against a Russian security company headed up by the sociopathic villain Ekaterina Gromova, who are financially supporting a black nationalist rebel group led by ex-SOG agent Shandu.

At the end of the final episode, despite Queen having successfully prevented a terrorist attack, the primary antagonist remains at large – and furthers her status as a wanted-woman by brutally murdering Queen’s grandmother, while Shandu is becoming increasingly radicalised.

All this points to an exciting second season – and it will be interesting to see if the often uneasy alliance between Shandu and Ekaterina continues…


Queen Sono season 1 is streaming now on Netflix