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Martin Compston promises "big answers” in the Line of Duty finale

Which is just as well - we need to know who H is!

Martin Compston in Line of Duty
Published: Wednesday, 28th April 2021 at 6:14 pm

The Line of Duty finale is almost upon us, and after weeks of confusion, drama, stress and H-related angst we're really hoping for a satisfying episode to tie up some loose ends.


We're not sure we can take another cliffhanger ending.

Luckily, Martin Compston, who plays DI Steve Arnott, promises we'll get some "big answers" in Sunday night's episode, although he stops short of confirming whether or not we'll discover H's true identity.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Shrine of Duty podcast, Compston says, "There are a lot of pay-offs coming this Sunday. There are a lot of big answers that are coming, and I think it's deserved. You know, people have stuck with us for such a long time. I think there comes a point where the natural story arc that's been running all these years is coming to an end."

An end? Surely not a proper end? What about season seven, won't there be another series to look forward to?

"The genuine answer is we don't know, but that's nothing different for us," he says. "Jed [Mercurio] always takes time. After a series he always takes a couple of months... I think he likes to take the emotion out of it and sit down and look at all that.

"There's different elements this year," Compston continues. "When we get ten years in, you start to think of legacy, and if it goes down that well in some ways it might be the perfect ending. We won't do [another series] just for the sake of doing it. That won't happen. Jed will only do it if he feels there's a story there to be told."

Well now we don't know how to feel. Here's hoping for an ending that reveals who H is, but also leaves the door open for more episodes...


Series six of Line of Duty concludes this Sunday night, 9pm on BBC One. To find out what else is on, or to decide on your viewing for tonight, check out our TV Guide.


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