New BBC drama Marriage comes from writer Stefan Golaszewski (Him & Her, Mum), and tells an intimate story of married couple Ian and Emma, played by Sean Bean and Nicola Walker.


In the series, the couple's marriage is tested when Emma is invited along to a two-day conference by her younger boss Jamie, who Ian is suspicious of. Jamie is played by Henry Lloyd-Hughes, who teased that the conference "is where the show has been leading to", although he also said that "in many ways it’s just a conference".

He said: "It’s the most unglamorous thing in the world and Jamie spends a lot of time pretending he is too cool for it and has no interest, but also that it is sexy and that he is a big deal there.

"For Emma, it’s tied in with her ambitions and another level of her career hopes and that Jamie has chosen her and only her. In name and spirit it’s a promotion to be taken to the conference as his right hand person. Of course, from Ian’s point of view, this is a real crack in their long held and very real marriage."

Nicola Walker as Emma and Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Jamie in Marriage.
Nicola Walker as Emma and Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Jamie in Marriage. BBC / The Forge / Rory Mulvey

Lloyd-Hughes continued: "It is amazing to have a conference as the central set of a piece of drama, rather than a plane crash, car crash or big explosion. But only Stefan can do that and that’s why it’s brilliant. The conference is the showdown!"

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Lloyd-Hughes's description of the drama's more intimate, smaller-scale drama matches with comments made by Sean Bean, who said that "there aren’t any big stunts or reveals" in the series, and that "it’s just a very simple story; simply told, about people and the complications of daily life".

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Marriage will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Sunday 14th August at 9pm. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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