After six seasons, countless suspects, and a seemingly endless number of police acronyms we finally have an answer to the mystery that has been tormenting AC-12 for almost a decade – the identity of the final high-ranking corrupt officer in the Central Police Force.


The reveal came as shock to Steve, Kate and Ted, and it will no doubt have been equally surprising for many viewers, with Ian Buckells having been the least voted for option in our recent poll to determine who fans thought was 'H'.

The question is, was that shock a satisfying one, or did it stretch disbelief too far for it to be considered a neat, rewarding ending to the mystery that has caused so much speculation over the years?

To identify what fans think, we're asking a pretty simple question: were you satisfied with Line of Duty's season six finale?

Of course, there might well be more factors than simply the resolution to the central mystery that feed into your answer – this was a jam-packed episode that also included a degree of closure for storylines involving our central trio.

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After being confronted by Kate and Steve, a guilt-stricken Ted finally admitted to giving Steph Corbett the £50k, explaining his reasoning before later confessing his possible culpability for John's murder to Patricia Carmichael. In doing so he proved that while he's had his faults and weak spots, he is certainly not a bent copper, putting to bed rumours that have been swirling since series four.

There were also nice endings for both Steve and Kate – who it emerged at the end of the episode have both started attending therapy sessions, while after her exploits during the season Kate seems keen to rejoin AC-12. And despite constant speculation throughout the series, none of the main characters were killed off during the finale, which will no doubt be a relief to all fans.

Of course, despite having got their man, there were still several questions for AC-12 at the end of the episode, most clearly relating to the continued dismantling of the force's anti-corruption units and Ted's forced retirement, which he has said he will contest.

And with the central mystery now wrapped up, there have been some suggestions that this could be it for Line of Duty – with no seventh run having been confirmed as yet.

Of course, we can only speculate on the show's future for now, but that won't stop us from dissecting and discussing the final episode in as much detail as possible. One thing is for sure, our Sunday evenings are going to feel bereft for the next few weeks...


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