How to prepare for Poldark – according to Twitter

Sunday night has become TV date night, but how do you get ready for Captain Ross Poldark's arrival? Social media has some advice

Poldark on BBC1 has become a Sunday ritual, as important as roast dinner, church bells and cracking hangovers.


And with just one episode left in the current run, many will be making extra special arrangements for the series finale next Sunday 26 April.


So what words of advice does Twitter have for preparing for Poldark?

Comedian Julian Clary kicked things off with a handy make-up tutorial.

While presenter Lorraine Kelly was fretting about her frock.

Nothing particularly indirect about what this fan account was expecting.

But they’re right, this could get steamy. Best get the young’uns out of the way.

How can a hall wear a corset?

For some, the night was young.

For others, it was time to snuggle up in bed.

Could this affair be any more serious?

This sounds like a man with experience.

Good advice: switch off and shut up.

Cast member Ed Browning however was less interested in the lighting and more concerned with the Cornish fare.

Yes, it wasn’t all chocolates and wine. Some of the food choices were… not exactly seductive.

No time to waste! String up…

And begin.

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