Grace season 2 is introducing us to a host of new characters who have appeared in the hit book series, including DS Norman Potting, who is being played by Line of Duty and Doctor Who star Craig Parkinson.


However, book readers may find that the character is a little different than they remember when he appears on screen, as Roy Grace actor John Simm explained that he's been updated for the modern day.

Simm said: "We’ve had to change Norman a little bit from the novels because the world has changed quite a lot – the Norman of the novels wouldn’t go down too well in this day and age.

"We couldn't have anyone better than Craig, he’s a fantastic actor and just brings something unique. I’m looking forward to seeing how the character develops."

Craig Parkinson as Norman Potting with John Simm as Roy Grace in Grace.
Craig Parkinson as Norman Potting with John Simm as Roy Grace. ITV

It seems that the author of the novels, Peter James, understands why the change had to be made, and had nothing but praise for Parkinson's portrayal in Grace.

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He said: "The Norman I portrayed in the books was probably a decade older and a lot more politically incorrect than he is now. Things have changed and his comments back then wouldn’t be acceptable now.

"Craig Parkinson is inspired casting – he has this wonderful way of delivering wry humour, so he’s very funny without actually being overtly offensive. He’s really helped to modernise Norman in a wonderful way and bring him into our current world."

Also joining the cast this season is Zoë Tapper, who plays mortician and new love interest for Roy, Cleo Morey.

Parkinson, meanwhile, addressed rumours earlier this year that he's set to take over from Jodie Whittaker on Doctor Who, saying: "I would probably prefer to be playing the Master than the Doctor."

Grace season 2 will premiere on ITV and ITV Hub on Sunday 24th April at 8pm. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.

If you want to start reading Peter James' Roy Grace series, you can purchase the first three novels on Amazon.


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