Everyone felt VERY awkward watching that Witness for the Prosecution sex scene with their relatives

An Agatha Christie mystery, an adorable cat and AAAH! A coughing Toby Jones sex scene!


Viewers of the first of the two-part adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic play The Witness for the Prosecution spat out their collective turkey sandwiches.


And it wasn’t because of the gruesome killings or a blood-lapping cat. No, viewers tuning in for a festive murder mystery had to avert their gran’s eyes during a sex scene with a very coughy Toby Jones.

Yes, the Great British public can handle a good old-fashioned skull-splitting homicide on Boxing Day, but a line has been crossed if we’re forced to watch a bit of hanky panky on the box with the in-laws.

Well, you were warned, guys…


Better make sure you polish off your remaining mince pies before the final episode. And maybe take Gran to another room…