The brutal murder of widow Emily French (Kim Cattrall) appears to have one suspect – Leonard Vole – a handsome young chancer who was also her lover and the man who was to inherit her vast wealth.


Untangling the truth about this is John Mayhew, a penniless solicitor (with a hacking cough thanks to his service in the First World War) who takes on what seems like a hopeless case…

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Why is he so moved by Vole's plight? And who did kill poor Emily? Will Leonard’s’ innocence be proved by his wife, the enigmatic chorus girl Romaine?

There are questions aplenty but first let’s meet the main protagonists in chilling and involving drama The Witness for the Prosecution...

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John Mayhew – Toby Jones

Who is John Mayhew?

A penniless solicitor down on his luck – he also has a hacking cough to make his life worse. His marriage is unhappy, his son has been killed in the First World War, and his life seems to be going nowhere. But then he chances upon young Leonard Vole, a man who claims he is innocent of the killing his lover, heiress Emily French, despite compelling evidence.

Who is Toby Jones?

One of the leading actors in Britain today he has played Alfred Hitchcock in the HBO film The Girl and dazzled comedy fans with his two-hander alongside Mackenzie Crook, Detectorists. Was nominated for a Bafta for his performance as Neil Baldwin in the much-loved BBC2 drama Marvellous.

Emily French – Kim Cattrall

Who is Emily French?

A rich and pampered society lady, advanced in years but still sexually voracious. She meets Leonard Vole when he is fired from his job – and she pays him for sex. But not long after she is found bludgeoned to death in her font room, her cat licking at her blood. What happened to her?

Who is Kim Cattrall?

Best known for playing maneater Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, has most recently been seen starring in another HBO drama Sensitive Skin.

Leonard Vole – Billy Howle

Who is Leonard Vole?

A First World War veteran and the lover of the murder victim Emily French. The evidence points to his guilt – but surely it’s not so simple?

Who is Billy Howle?


You may have seen the young actor as Young Tony Webster in Brit flick The Sense Of An Ending or as the Young Laurie Lee in the BBC's adaptation of Cider With Rosie.