The Crown's sixth and final season is concluding in two parts, with the first four episodes available to watch now on Netflix, revolving around the final days of Princess Diana before her death in a car crash on 31st August 1997.


The second episode of the season 6, titled Two Photographs, contrasts two important moments that occurred in the summer of 1997 – the paparazzi shot of Diana and Dodi Fayed kissing on holiday, dubbed The Kiss, which was published in The Sunday Mirror, and a photoshoot of Prince Charles and his sons, Prince William and Harry, enjoying a much quieter holiday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

The Netflix show depicts Charles's staged pictures as a direct retaliation against the photo of Diana and Dodi kissing.

But how accurate is this depiction and when were the two pictures taken? Read on for everything you need to know about the photos taken of Diana and Dodi and Charles's Balmoral photoshoot with William and Harry.

When were the pictures of Diana and Dodi taken?

Princess Diana on a yacht with a group of other people
Princess Diana. Michel Dufour/WireImage

On 10th August 1997, pictures of Diana and Dodi kissing were published in The Sunday Mirror, with one published on the front cover alongside the headline: "The Kiss."

The photos were taken by Italian photographer Mario Brenna and were reportedly sold for £1 million. They showed Diana lounging on the deck of the yacht with Dodi and kissing him.

Underneath the headline, the front cover of The Sunday Mirror read: "Now Dodi flies off to buy an engagement ring for Diana."

After having first met at a polo tournament, Diana and Dodi had first reconnected in mid-July 1997 in St Tropez, when she was staying at his father's villa.

They were pictured together at the time, swimming in the ocean along with William and Harry.

When was the Balmoral photoshoot of Charles, William and Harry set up?

Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry at the Balmoral Castle Estate standing together, smiling
Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry at the Balmoral Castle Estate. Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Also in August 1997, the same month as the photos of Diana and Dodi were published in The Sunday Mirror, photos were taken of Prince Charles at Polvier, by the River Dee in the Balmoral Estate, alongside Princes William and Harry.

Charles was wearing a kilt and sporran and was holding a shepherd's crook walking stick, and the family had two dogs with them - Prince William's Labrador Widgeon and Prince Charles's Jack Russell Tigga.

Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry at the Balmoral Castle Estate playing with a dog by a river
Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry at the Balmoral Castle Estate. Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

As in The Crown, the images show William skimming stones in the river as his father and brother watch on. We don't know for certain, as is suggested in the episode, that this image was purposefully captured to contrast those published of Diana.

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The trio also took similar photos on 16th August, with Charles once again dressed in a kilt - but this time in a green jumper.

One of these photos was posted to The Royal Family's official account on Twitter, which has recently been rebranded as X, on Father's Day this year, alongside the caption: "To Dads everywhere, we wish you a very special Father’s Day today."

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