Viewers were left reeling on Sunday night, after a twist in the third episode of Jed Mercurio's Bodyguard turned the show on it's head.


*Warning: spoilers for episode 3 of Bodyguard to follow*

In the closing moments of episode three, a bomb was detonated in the auditorium where Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes) was delivering a controversial speech, leaving her severely injured (or worse).

The ending left us with a lot of questions – who set up the attack? Is Julia Montague alive? Who is the police leak? – and fans on Twitter have been positing their own theories as to what might be going on. Most of them involve Montague's new PR advisor Tahir Mahmood (Shubham Saraf), whose briefcase was the subject of scrutiny from her protector, David (Richard Madden), as he entered the auditorium.

The two shared a loaded moment as David looked into the briefcase, but Tahir was allowed to enter – suggesting that, if he really is behind the bombing, David has some questions to answer, too.

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"Episode 3 theory (spoiler): Budd checks the briefcase, it is indeed a bomb, he decides to allow it," Twitter user @MrMissingno wrote. "His running into action was not to stop the bomb nor save Julia, but instead to save his colleague who decided to run towards the stage, who he didn't want to hurt."

But not everyone is buying it.

"So obviously they have all set up her aid," @LauraGarside wrote. "The woman security was the bomber and was told to run down as he was coming on stage to make it look like it was him. That's why he got dumped with the fact checking the speech at the last minute."

And some seem to think that Julia's advisor Rob MacDonald (Paul Ready), who sent Tahir to the event in his place, is up to something.

"Anyone else think that Rob put the bomb in the case and gave it to Tahir to frame Tahir as well as hurt Julia?" @Bill_Abong wrote. "And possible also frame David....?"

Or, maybe the suitcase has nothing to do with it after all...

"Okay guys, how about this one: Tahir's briefcase is a red herring, and it actually was the chick who arrived late," @Claca_Hapra wrote.

Sunday can't come soon enough...


Bodyguard continues next Sunday at 9pm on BBC1