The drama in Beyond Paradise keeps ratcheting up, with the teaser for this week's episode having already hinted at Martha's feelings for Archie starting to come back.


The former couple have been working together since episode 2, with more than a little hint of jealousy from Humphrey having already shown its face. However, when speaking with and other press about his role in the series, Archie actor Jamie Bamber has suggested there is plenty more to come for Archie and Humphrey's tense relationship.

Bamber said: "There's much more Archie/Humphrey in episode 5 and 6. It’s great stuff to play, I love working with Kris, I love working with Sally [Bretton, who plays Martha] and with Barbara [Flynn, who plays Anne], and they're all incredible.

"It just keeps going right to the end and all I can say is, I can't say too much specifically, but that's really the story of the show, is this relationship and will it work and will it survive. And it goes right to the end."

martha and archie stood next to one another on front of the Ten Mile Kitchen bar
Sally Bretton as Martha Lloyd and Jamie Bamber as Archie Hughes in Beyond Paradise. BBC/Red Planet Pictures/Craig Hardie

Bamber continued: "The subtext is never really addressed and that's the delight in it, is that the audience is going with subtext. The audience is fully aware of what the subtext is but they're dancing around it, they're tiptoeing.

"And there is a moment where all it all comes off in the last episode and I hope it's a very satisfying conclusion to the frustration of their relationship. Will these two blokes actually talk about what they want to talk about, rather than tiptoeing around it?"

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Fans of the show were divided by Archie's storyline when he first appeared on the show, with one viewer saying the love triangle was a trope which had been "done to death", while another said: "Yeah, Archie is the type of bloke you need to worry about Humphrey. He looks like Jamie Bamber. You're in big trouble #BeyondParadise".

We're currently halfway through Beyond Paradise's first six-episode season, but fans need not fear – while an official recommission hasn't been confirmed yet, co-creator Tony Jordan did say at a Q&A that he has already started writing a season 2.

Regarding a second instalment of Beyond Paradise, Jordan said: "I hope so, I've started writing it! Ever the optimist, I'm not even waiting to be commissioned. We’ve got loads of stories that didn't make the cut for season 1, loads of great areas.

"But the main reason for doing it is that Tim [Key, executive producer] has got this long held ambition, that I only discovered last week, about filming on a steam train - not that he’s a nerd or anything! So I can tell you if there's a season 2, it’ll definitely be on a steam train."

Beyond Paradise continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Friday 24th March at 8pm. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to see what's on tonight.


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