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Annika episode 5 sees Nicola Walker’s DI contend with revenge and sacrifice – watch preview

Nicola Walker's maritime crime drama is back, this time with a murder worthy of a classic Greek tragedy.

Published: Monday, 13th September 2021 at 3:51 pm

There are only two episodes left of Nicola Walker's record-breaking Alibi crime drama, Annika.


Based on the audio series of the same name, Annika sees the titular DI solve crimes as part of the Marine Crime Unite in Scotland, where Annika is filmed.

As well as featuring Annika talking directly to the audience, episodes references classic literature to anchor each case – and explore Annika's tangled personal life. The fifth episode is no different, with Annika's latest case leading her to make connections with Ancient Greek stories.

In a preview clip exclusive to, the detective is called in after Glasgow businessman Paul Gilbride is found dead on the Clyde during a boat party in celebration of his wedding anniversary.

The party is still raging on when Annika comes onboard, with DC Blair Ferguson (Katie Leung) filling her in on the situation. The partygoers, including the victim's wife, have yet to sober up, but Annika doesn't mind interviewing inebriated suspects because "you get different sorts of answers when they're drunk".

Even after the victim's widow throws up on her, she still thinks it's a "Dionysian blessing". Take a look below.

The overview teases: "Annika looks to the Greek stories of revenge and sacrifice to help her solve this crime, especially when the method of his murder is revealed."

The episode is also set to continue exploring Annika's relationship with her daughter's psychiatrist Jake (Paul McGann). Her troubled daughter Morgan (Silvie Furneaux) has yet to find out about the pair, and it will certainly be interesting to see how she reacts once they break the news.

With the plot anchored in stories of the Greek god Dionysus and the Greek king Agamemnon, things could be headed for a tragic ending.


Annika continues on Alibi on Tuesday 14th September at 9pm. Looking for something to watch tonight? Visit our TV Guide or check out our Drama hub for all the latest news and features.


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