Netflix's latest true-crime series Worst Roommate Ever follows seemingly harmless roommates as they transform into real-life nightmares.


The five-part docu-series focuses on four very unsettling stories, including one chronicling the crimes of KC Joy - who was eventually charged for the murder of his roommate Maribel Ramos.

As the series comes to Netflix, here's everything you need to know about KC Joy and where he is now.

Who is KC Joy from Worst Roommate Ever?

Kwang Chol “KC” Joy was the roommate of Maribel Ramos, a 36-year old Iraq War veteran.

What did KC Joy do?

KC was convicted for murdering his roommate Maribel Ramos.

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After serving eight years in the army, Maribel was honourably discharged in 2008.

The 36-year-old lived in an apartment in Orange, California, with her roommate KC.

On May 3, 2013, KC called in to say that she hadn't come home the previous night, leading her family to report her missing as they hadn't been able to reach her.

KC Joy Worst Roommate Ever

On May 17, 2013, the police searched a remote area in Modjeska Canyon, California, and found Maribel's body in a shallow grave. The remains of her body were too decomposed to confirm the cause of death and she was identified through dental records.

Investigators looked at Maribel's phone records and found that she'd spoken to her boyfriend, Paul Lopez, on the night she went missing. Paul told the authorities that Maribel had got into an argument with KC as he hadn't paid the rent that month, and she wanted him out of her place.

At around 8:30pm on the 2nd May, sometime after her call with Paul, Maribel was seen on a surveillance video from the apartment complex dropping off the rent check at the front desk. This was the last time she was seen alive.

When questioned by the police, KC admitted to arguing with Maribel, but said he went put for a drive at around 9pm and when he returned Maribel wasn't there anymore.

The authorities had no evidence connecting KC with her disappearance, however, the police noted that he had scratches on his arm, although he claimed they were from thorny bushes at a local park. And about 11 days before Maribel vanished, she called 911 and said she feared her roommate after a conversation with KC.

During the investigation, KC cooperated with police and pleaded for Maribel's safe return, telling news media: "I just need her back. I need her to come back because she’s my best friend. Actually, she’s my only friend, my only family member I have, so I miss her."

As KC's phone and laptop were with the police pending examination, he often visited the local library to access the internet.

During one of his visits, the authorities monitored his activity online, resulting in a major lead in the case. While at the library, KC looked up the time it took for a body to decay and later used maps to view a desolate location in Modjeska Canyon. The police searched the area, and about 45 minutes later, found Maribel’s remains there.

Where is KC Joy now?

In July 2014, KC, then 55, stood trial for Maribel’s murder. KC’s defence claimed Maribel dealt with paranoia and may have been suicidal, adding that Maribel might have died of a medical condition or killed herself, leaving a panicked KC to dispose of the body.

KC was eventually found guilty of second-degree murder. Before his sentencing, he said, “Family wants me to apologise, which I cannot apologise for something I haven’t done. Maybe someday [the] truth will come out, maybe I’ll just die inside prison.”

In September 2014, KC was sentenced to 15 years to life.

According to prison records, he remains incarcerated at Correctional Training Facility in Soledad, California. He will be eligible for parole in February 2023.

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