The new season of BBC Two's Pilgrimage lands on our screens next week, with a new line-up of celebrities heading on a spiritual journey of a lifetime – although they did have to stay in some interesting places along the way, according to star Su Pollard.


The Hi-de-Hi! actress has revealed that the group were put up in a hotel for "swingers" by accident during their pilgrimage through Portugal.

Speaking to and other press at a screening for Pilgrimage, Pollard said: "The fulfilment of it all – you should really have a go. Book your hotel now. Don't [book] that hotel where we went, where they put us in. It was a swingers, it was fabulous.

Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal
The line-up of Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal. BBC

"If you're into swinging go there. We found this out, didn't we, in between the main course. Anyway, it was lovely."

The series follows seven well-known personalities of differing faiths and beliefs as they take on Portugal's Catholic pilgrimage, beginning in Valenca and spending 14 days travelling on-foot to the famous sanctuary in Fatima, one of the biggest Catholic pilgrimage destinations in the world.

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Pollard, who was raised in the Church of England, is joining Jewish actress Rita Simons, Pentecostal born-again Christian singer Shane Lynch, agnostic reality star Vicky Pattison, practising Catholic TV personality Bobby Seagull, practising Muslim and comedian Nabil Abdulrashid, and Paralympic skier Millie Knight, who is non-practising Church of England.

Over the course of two weeks, the celebrity pilgrims follow a 364-kilometre path through Portugal, passing by places of historical and cultural interest on the way.

On her experience on the show, Pattison said that she "found something" in herself that she "didn't really know existed".

"I've always wanted to think that there was something bigger than me and better than me out there but I just didn't know what it was. And don't get us wrong, I still don't know but I have a real desire to find out. Like I think it showed me I'd really love to have a faith."

Pilgrimage airs at 9pm on Friday 7th April on BBC Two. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide and Streaming Guide or visit our Documentaries hub for more news and features.


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