The first official trailer has been released for The Boy Who Lived, the much-anticipated documentary made by Daniel Radcliffe and former Harry Potter stunt double David Holmes.


Holmes was the stuntman for Radcliffe in the Potter films, and as the trailer begins, we see footage of Holmes in action for the franchise while reflecting on the "best job in the world".

"You're constantly being tested, risking it all. I used to fly, nothing's like it, man," he explains.

Footage featuring a young Holmes sees him introduce himself as "a gymnast, stuntman and extraordinaire", with his parents remarking on how he would jump into anything for fun, and had "no concept of fear".

"I knew I was going to be a stuntman, then I got the best job in the world, lead stuntman for Daniel in the Potter films," Holmes continues.

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Radcliffe also features to reflect: "Dave seemed like a cool older brother, who would do the most dangerous, physical things."

Daniel Radcliffe stars in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 wearing a brown jacket and glasses
Daniel Radcliffe stars in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. Warner Brothers

On set for the penultimate film in 2009 - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 - Holmes took part in a stunt which went wrong, causing him to launch into a wall which immediately broke his neck, rendering him paralysed. He now uses a wheelchair.

"I remember straight after breaking my neck, I knew there was no chance of coming back," Holmes recalls in the trailer.

Radcliffe becomes emotional as he features again, and describes the accident as "unfair".

But the actor insists that Holmes's story isn't a "tragedy", as the way his life has affected those around him means that it is the furthest thing from that imaginable.

Meanwhile, Holmes says he's learning to live in the present after formerly dedicating his whole life to being a stunt double, and that he has enjoyed a "crazy life of highs and lows".

The documentary reveals the touching bond between Radcliffe and Holmes, with Sky stating: "Featuring candid personal footage shot over the last decade, behind-the-scenes material from Holmes's stunt work, scenes of his current life and intimate interviews with David, Daniel Radcliffe, friends, family and former crew, the film also reflects universal themes of living with adversity, growing up, forging identities in an uncertain world and the bonds that bind us together and lift us up."

Holmes recently added on Instagram: "This film tells the story of not just my achievements in front of camera, but also the challenges I face every day, and my overall attitude to life after suffering a broken neck.

"In the turbulent world we find ourselves living in right now, I would like to quote Harry – 'We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.'

"I am only able to live because of the united love and support that I am fortunate enough to have had. And it is thanks to this love and support that I am able to share my journey with you all."

David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived premieres on HBO on Wednesday 15th November at 9pm EST, before being made available to stream on Max in the US. UK viewers can stream it on Sky Documentaries and NOW from 18th November.

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