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This Saturday Night Live Bake Off parody will make British viewers cringe

The accents were wrong, the lines were wrong, the whole thing was WRONG

Published: Monday, 17th October 2016 at 11:12 am

Great British Bake Off fans are already feeling a little fragile about the future of the show - and now our American cousins have teased us with a truly upsetting Bake Off parody.


The wildly-off-the-mark sketch features Ghostbusters star Kate McKinnon as Mary Berry, while Saturday Night Live regulars fill in for Sue Perkins, Mel Giedroyc and Paul Hollywood.

"It's cake week here in the tents," says pretend-Mel in an overly-posh British accent. How many tents? It's all wrong.

Adding to the drama are guest host Emily Blunt and Cecily Strong as Brielle and Paisley from "the only town that voted unanimously for the Brexit". Yes, that's right - the pair are GBBO's "first-ever baking team". What? Why?

It is a taste of what could happen if the Bake Off had moved to Channel 5 instead of Channel 4. Big Brother has leeched into the tent, upsetting the decorum of the show.

Poor Liam from Cambridge ("I made a right jolly cake, I did") and Rupert from Surrey ("I'm so nervous I'm shaking in me wellies") have to compete against the terrible two, who shout: "We wanted to do Big Brother but we failed the psychiatric exam... we're here to bring the drama by being nasty little nightmares."

Choice lines include: 'My dog wouldn't eat that, yeah and her dog eats his own balls and he loves it" and "We bake just as well as we shag - yeah, quick and lazy." Ew.


There's icing on the cake as Paul steals Mary's line in a completely unconvincing accent: "It's just how I like it. Moist and no soggy bottom." It's Mary who's all about the soggy bottoms, SNL! Honestly. You'd think the Americans weren't quite as into Bake Off as we are...


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