This Black Mirror parody is almost as dark as the real thing

Netflix’s Joel McHale show had a pitch-perfect take on Charlie Brooker’s dystopic drama

Black Mirror (Netflix)

While we may be a while away from any new Black Mirror episodes, Netflix is still providing us with a little taste of dark sci-fi dystopia thanks to a new skit from comedy series The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale.


Called Mini Black Mirror, the 2-minute sketch tells one of Charlie Brooker’s classic nihilistic techno-fables in a compressed format, featuring two warring lovers who may have the option to live forever in digital form.

However, because it IS Black Mirror, there’s a final brutal twist that will just about ruin your whole day, and which we won’t spoil here.

Sure, it’s still not as bleak as Shut Up and Dance or Crocodile’s endings, but it’s not far off.


The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale streams on Netflix