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When is The Queen and I on TV?

In Sky1's adaptation, the Royal Family are stripped of their riches and forced to relocate to an ordinary English estate

Published: Monday, 24th December 2018 at 5:46 pm

What would happen if the Royal Family were stripped of their riches, palaces, and influential chums, and were (shock horror) forced to slum it with the common folk? That's exactly what Sky 1's new adaptation The Queen and I, based on Sue Townsend's beloved book of the same name, sets out to discover.


Here's everything you need to know about The Queen and I.

What time is The Queen and I on TV?

The series is set to air on Christmas Eve (24th December) at 6pm on Sky 1.

Who is in the cast of The Queen and I?

The series features a starry cast, including David Walliams (The Midnight Gang) as a power-mad Prime Minister, Samantha Bond (Downton Abbey) as a Queen fallen on hard times, and comedian Johnny Vegas, a well-meaning neighbour who establishes an unexpected attachment to a Royal Family member...

The rest of the cast includes Julia McKenzie (Agatha Christie's Marple) as the Queen Mother, who's happy enough to adapt to her new home (as long as she can still have the occasional flutter on the horses...), Frances Barber (Doctor Who) as a chain-smoking Princess Margaret, Amanda Abbington (Sherlock) as the Queen's no-nonsense daughter Anne, and Oliver Chris (King Charles III) as a rather simple Prince Charles.

What's The Queen and I about?

When Jack Barker (Walliams) sweeps to an unexpected general election victory, his first port of call as PM is to make Great Britain a republic, leaving the Royal Family out of a job. The royals are forced to relocate to Hellebore Close — or 'Hell Close' — an estate in the north of England, where they must make some major lifestyle adjustments. After a lifetime of luxury, having to choose between paying for heat or food (or gin, in Princess Margaret's case) is a shock to the system.


The family's new neighbours also prove hostile at first, but the royals soon find allies, including Bev (Emily Aston), Tony (Emmanuel Ighodaro), Violet (Lorraine Ashbourne) and odd-job man Spiggy (Johnny Vegas). As the PM's election promises start to unravel, will the royals be allowed to return home to Buckingham Palace — or will they opt to stay amongst their new friends?


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