Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow give Smelly Cat the stadium gig it always deserved

The pair teamed up to play the cult Friends classic on stage in Los Angeles

Smelly cat, smelly cat, what ever happened to you? That’s a question Taylor Swift was keen to answer when she called Friends star Lisa Kudrow up to come play the track with her on stage in Los Angeles.


The international pop sensation gave Phoebe Buffay the opportunity to play her one hit wonder, Smelly Cat, to an adoring audience of thousands in LA’s Staples Center on her 1989 tour.

The singer, who has previously been joined by a wide variety of stars from Beck to St Vincent, Little Mix to Walk The Moon, clearly grew up watching the classic sitcom because she belted out the words alongside a beaming Kudrow.


Now, how about Kudrow’s Smelly Cat feat. Taylor Swift (and her cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith, obvs) for the Christmas number one? Calvin Harris could even produce the track for them, eh?

Could this BE any more distracting? Yeah baby, it’s a deleted scene from Friends

Hear the Friends cast sing the Friends theme tune… sort of