Sharon Horgan is taking us back to Motherland for a second series on BBC2.


The writer’s painfully funny sitcom – in which chaotic parenting and middle-class mum wars abound – will return with Anna Maxwell Martin as a mother at her wit’s end.

Here’s everything you need to know…

When is Motherland series two on TV?

The series will first air on Monday 7th October at 10pm on BBC Two. The whole series will be available on BBC iPlayer immediately afterwards.

The series has also been recommissioned for a third season, which Horgan's production company Merman announced on their official Twitter feed.

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What can we expect from series two of Motherland?

“A collective sigh of relief can be heard across the Motherland as a new school term dawns," reads the BBC’s synopsis. "It's also dawned on Julia that she still hasn't sorted her childcare. Her wonderful husband has decided to step up to the mark and train for Iron Man.

"The alpha mums are back in the cafe, rolling up their blouse sleeves for this year's PTA while Kevin looks on from his table next to the toilet. Liz has mastered the art of not giving a f***, and is going back to bed."

Writer Sharon Horgan also previously said she is keen to cast more comedy actresses in series two.

Who will star in Motherland series two?

Anna Maxwell Martin is expected to return as crazed mother Julia, as is Paul Ready as super-keen dad Kevin and Diane Morgan playing laid-back Liz. Meet the cast of series one here.

What do Sharon Horgan and Anna Maxwell Martin think about real-life motherhood?

Read our interview in which the pair reveal the “dirty side of parenting”.


Is there a trailer for Motherland series two?

Not yet, watch this space…