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Miranda is back – but what have the characters been up to since we last saw them?

Are Miranda and Gary happily married? Is Penny a grandmother? Here's what everyone could be doing based on our wild speculation...

Published: Wednesday, 1st January 2020 at 9:00 am

Miranda, one of the BBC’s best loved sitcoms, is back on the telly this festive season with one-off entertainment show Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration.


It’s been nearly five years since fans watched Miranda gallop down the aisle as she got “garried”.

But the question remains — what does “life after love” (cue Cher) look like for Miranda and friends?

We let our imaginations run wild to predict what they might have been up to since we last saw them…

Miranda and Gary Preston

Miranda and Gary

Four years into marriage and one and a half kids deep, Miranda waddles around Surrey six months pregnant. Boob-clapping, galloping and finishing sentences with song lyrics are a thing of the past for our comedic lead as she juggles family life with her new build-a-bear factory, co-run by best mate Stevie.

She manages to keep Richard (her eldest child) quiet by letting him chew on her Fruit Friends and Vegetapals.

Miranda and Stevie had the idea to turn their joke-shop into a build-a-bear factory during a rendition of Heather Small’s ‘Proud’. Their business is doing better than ever.

Gary’s restaurant caught fire this summer, giving him the perfect opportunity to spruce it up. He’s just opened the choicest Vegan restaurant in town – Surrey celebs regularly visit for a taste of his delicious savoury muffins.

Although stretched between baby, big bump and their own business ventures, Miranda and Gary get away for a holiday in Southend twice a year where they ride donkeys on the beach and finally, get some peace and alone time.

Stevie Sutton

Miranda Hart and Sarah Hadland in Miranda (BBC)
Miranda Hart and Sarah Hadland in Miranda (BBC)

Although Miranda has a lot on her plate, she still has time for her best-mate Stevie. They have a weekly games night and have adapted “Where’s Miranda?” to “Where’s Richard?”

Stevie had a brief romance with the traffic warden who she met when Miranda disrupted Gary’s “wedding”, but broke up with him to put all her energy into running the business.

She recently appeared in the Guinness World Book of Records for being able to eat the most pepperoni sticks in under one minute.


Miranda Hart and Patricia Hodge

Brexit inspired Penny to get into politics. Taking the networking and schmoozing experience from her years at the Women’s Institute and the Tennis Club, Penny launched a successful Brexit campaign, which took her to the forefront of local politics.

However, on the birth of her dearest eldest grandchild Richard, Penny decided to retire from her political escapades in lieu of having “such fun” looking after baby Richie.

Penny still plays an active role in the tennis club and was seen last Thursday drinking out of her mixed doubles trophy from the 90s boasting to Brenda about the successes of her political career.

Tilly and Dreamboat Charlie

After getting on the train to Wick, Tilly and Charlie successfully eloped. Leaving her old life and her trust fund behind her, Tilly sought out other ways to make her millions.

She joined Instagram in January 2015 and shot to fame when a picture of her at the registry office texting with the caption “bear with, bear with” got reposted by Kim Kardashian.

Since then she has launched her own fashion brand and came second on this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Dreamboat Charlie sat in the front row for all of her performances.

Clive Evans and “customer”

The couple live a very happy life with their blue and red heart-shaped photo frames.

Mike Jackford

After being dumped by Miranda, Mike got back on a plane to Africa. He is currently filming a documentary with David Attenborough about the bat-eared fox, which is said to air next February on BBC One.

Although happy surrounded by David and the animals, he has never quite got over his love for Miranda.

To find out what Miranda and co have really been up to, tune into to her My Such Fun Celebration on New Year's Day...


Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration is on BBC One at 5:45pm on New Year’s Day


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