It’s official – Ross and Rachel WERE on a break


Youtube Screengrab (TL)

And, lo, it was finally decided: Ross Geller and Rachel Green from Friends were on a break.


Well, according to 61% of people, anyway. And we know this because sitcom’s most divisive question – whether the couple were on a break from their relationship when Ross spent the night with Chloe the Xerox girl in season 3 – was put to the public by YouGov.

Its survey of 892 avid Friends watchers found only 19% of people didn’t think they were on a break, with 20% saying they didn’t know.

But it’s not all good news for #TeamRoss. Another question posed to 2,080 adults revealed that a lot of people think it’s not acceptable to sleep with somebody else if you’re on a break. 41% of respondents believed such a move was fair, but 37% sided with Rachel on the issue.

However, could the data BE any more different if you filter it by age? The survey suggests that the younger you are, the more likely you are to think it’s not okay: 43% of 18-24-year-olds said it was unacceptable (compared to 33% acceptable), and 45% of 25-34-year-olds said Ross was in the wrong (36% in the right).

The survey also suggests women are more likely to see Ross as cheating, with 40% saying it’s unacceptable, compared to 36% acceptance. The results drastically PIVOT when it comes to men, however: 46% thought sleeping with somebody else during a break was fine, 33% not so.

So, Ross was in the right when he kept on yelling ‘WE WERE ON A BREAK!’. He was just wrong to think that got him off the hook.

The survey was packed with plenty of other Friends facts, including this stat that’ll make you feel more grown-up than Richard: A quarter 18-24-year-olds (27%) have never seen a single episode. And only 17% of them have seen all of them.


In other words, this is you now: