Inside No. 9 co-creator Steve Pemberton has revealed that he is still in discussions with Reece Shearsmith about a possible stage adaptation of their hit anthology series.


The show, which is currently airing its eighth season on BBC Two and iPlayer, tells a self-contained story in every episode, with each one set in a single location somehow connected to the number nine.

During a fan Q&A held at the BFI, asked the duo whether a stage version was in the works, following news that season 9 will be the final entry in the television series (for now, at least).

"Yeah, we certainly still talk about it," responded Pemberton. "We will definitely be looking into that, but right now our focus is on doing series 9, promoting series 8. But yeah, don't be surprised if you see that coming to fruition."

He continued: "We don't have any definite plans, but because they are self-contained, a lot of them happen in real-time, they're small casts, they're all in one location, a lot of them do lend themselves to being adapted for the stage.

"And also, we've got the ability to come up with new stories on stage as well."

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Inside No. 9 season 8 reaches its halfway point this week with an episode titled Paraskevidekatriaphobia, examining the real fear surrounding the perceived misfortune of Friday the 13th.

The episode follows acclaimed Christmas special The Bones of St Nicholas and last week's Mother's Ruin, which saw two brothers attempting to make contact with a deceased relative.

While fans are sad to see the show wind down, the creators explained at the BFI event that the door to Inside No. 9 isn't closed for definite, while they also discussed a spin-off that never happened.

Inside No. 9 continues tonight at 10pm on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer. Check out more of our Comedy coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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