Here’s what happens when Ricky Gervais finishes a script

Who doesn't celebrate the end of a project like Tom Cruise?

When you’re Ricky Gervais and you’ve just finished writing a script, simply popping to the kitchen to stick the kettle on isn’t enough. No, no, no. That’s nowhere near rock ‘n’ roll enough for a man who admits in his blog that he’s got three or four projects on the go, including the upcoming David Brent movie, Life on the Road. 


So, when Gervais added that last full stop to the final episode of Derek – choosing to stick to his “usual formula of two series and a special” – he jumped up on his furniture á la Tom Cruise.

We imagine there was some really loud music playing, a dry ice machine no doubt started up, maybe some flashing lights… 


Then he probably went and had a bath. He loves those.