Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass joins The Inbetweeners to sell double glazing in first trailer for White Gold

Ed Westwick dons an Essex accent to team up with Joe Thomas and James Buckley for the BBC2 comedy


Ed Westwick’s trading New York’s Upper East Side for Essex as he returns to UK TV screens to sell double glazing.


The Gossip Girl and Snatch star is teaming up with Inbetweeners Joe Thomas and James Buckley for White Gold, an 80s comedy about three boys with a dream to sell you “the dirt cheap white plastic bits that go round your windows”.


The showroom-set comedy comes courtesy of Inbetweeners creator Damon Beesley.

He says that White Gold is about the “Essex of my youth – a time before the invention of ‘Essex girls’ jokes, fake tan or TOWIE. A time when having double-glazed patio doors installed meant you were winning at life.” 


With a decent cast and a clever comedy writer at the helm, White Gold seems to have all the right ingredients. Let’s hope it makes the right kind of smash.