Where is ITV’s Flesh and Blood filmed?

Everything you need to know about the filming locations for ITV's darkly funny drama Flesh and Blood, starring Imelda Staunton, Francesca Annis, Russell Tovey and Stephen Rea

Flesh and Blood (ITV Pictures)

ITV’s Flesh and Blood may be a dark and witty drama about a dysfunctional family and a possible murder – but that doesn’t mean we can’t admire the scenery, does it?


The four-part series, which began Monday night and stars Imelda Staunton, Francesca Annis, and Stephen Rea, is about an attractive widow Vivien (played by Annis) whose burgeoning romance with a retired surgeon Mark (Rea) raises the hackles of her three adult children – not least because Vivien is sitting on some valuable prime real estate on the South coast, in the big family home overlooking the sea and long stretches of shingle. Could Vivien’s romance with Mark impact the three children’s inheritance? 

But where exactly did ITV film Vivien and her snooping neighbour Mary’s (Staunton) real-life seaside homes?

Where is Flesh and Blood filmed?

Speaking at the series premiere, director Louise Hooper revealed that most of the series was filmed in and around the “gorgeous” seaside town Eastbourne, on the South coast. Meanwhile Vivien’s beautiful home and its surrounding areas was filmed at the “unspoilt” fishing village Pevensey Bay, just north-east of Eastbourne.

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“We filmed down there because as I was saying before, we didn’t want to put it into a town and we wanted to keep it quite wild,” Hooper said. “And Pevensey Bay is an amazing stretch which is really unspoilt. We loved the idea of the houses being right on the shingle and the coast so it feels wild and it feels secluded.”

Speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com, Russell Tovey, who plays Vivien’s “man child” son Jake, revealed that the cast loved filming on location.

“Eastbourne, who knew? [It was] amazing, beautiful,” he said. “I mean we were blessed with the weather, beautiful, the house we filmed at, beautiful, on the beach everyday. Just, stunning absolutely stunning, can’t big up that place enough.”

NORMAN BAY, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 04: An angler prepares his equipment on the beach at Norman Bay, along the coast from the beach which is widely believed to be the location of William the Conquerer's landing, on October 4, 2016 in Pevensey, England. With the 950th anniversary of 1066, the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest approaching, English Heritage, local groups and businesses are preparing to mark the historic invasion with re-enactments, tours and concerts. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)
Pevensey, England (Getty Images)

Further locations included Camber Sands and Beachy Head in East Sussex.


Flesh and Blood aired 24th-27th February on ITV – read our review here