Dom Joly learns it’s not a great idea to do a TV prank on…a member of the Italian Mafia

Joly tells that he was forced into hiding after trying to humliate someone who turned out to be a member of the Cosa Nostra

Dom Joly had to be smuggled off filming his prank hidden camera show Fool Britannia after being threatened by the Italian Mafia.


Joly told that he was filming in Benidorm for the latest series when he approached an “innocuous-looking guy” in a bar dressed as a flamboyant Spanish lothario. The victim was not amused.

“He then started screaming his head off and left and threatening me,” added Joly. “The barman told me to be careful and that he was Italian Mafia. In fact there are quite a few in Benidorm. I was smuggled out of the hotel and spent the day holed up in my hotel.”

Joly said he found the experience frightening but added that he usually welcomes it when some of his victims “kick back”.


In his interview Joly also revealed that he is hoping to make a documentary about the mobile phone as well as a series in which he confronts internet trolls.