Catherine Tate to play multiple characters in new Netflix comedy series Hard Cell

The series will launch on Netflix next year.

Catherine Tate – Hard Cell

Catherine Tate will star in a new Netflix comedy series, putting her comedic talents and versatility to good use as she plays multiple characters.


Hard Cell will follow a documentary crew who film the goings-on within the walls of prison HMP Woldsley, exploring the lives of inmates and staff.

Tate will play a variety of characters in the six-part series, which is in production now and will launch on Netflix in 2022.

“We cannot wait to show audiences on Netflix the inside of HMP Woldsley, our fictional prison occupied by the fantastic creations of Catherine Tate,” said executive producer Kristian Smith. “This series is funny and touching all at once, revealing what life might be like in a British women’s correctional facility.”

Rising to fame off the back of her BBC sketch comedy series The Catherine Tate Show (2004–2007), which was nominated for seven BAFTAs and an International Emmy Award, Tate appeared on Doctor Who as companion Donna Noble from 2006-2010 and has also appeared on the US version of The Office from 2011-2013 and BBC One sitcom Big School from 2013-14.

She also reprised one of her characters from The Catherine Tate Show in spin-off series Catherine Tate’s Nan, which aired on BBC One from 2014-2015.

Earlier this year, Tate was rumoured to have been spotting filming for the upcoming 13th series of Doctor Who, though this rumour was later debunked.


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