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10 TV shows that almost had a completely different title

Lenny, Penny and Kenny, Across The Hall, Leave the Bastard... your whole TV world could have sounded very different... logo
Published: Monday, 9th November 2015 at 10:48 am

Now: Big Bang Theory

Almost: Lenny, Penny and Kenny (Sheldon's name was nearly Kenny)

Did they make the right choice? The original title was a bit of a tongue Twister, and it's hard to imagine Sheldon being called anything else. Plus, even the biggest geek is going to cringe at asking "So, did you watch Lenny, Penny and Kenny last night?"

Now: Friends

Almost: Insomnia Cafe, Six of One, Across the Hall

Did they make the right choice? Definitely. Friends is clear, catchy and is easy to translate. Insomnia Cafe sounds like a terrible band.

Now: Lost

Almost: Nowhere

Did they make the right choice? The show was great but viewers were lost, and the finale went nowhere... so either would have been a fitting title.

Now: The Good Wife

Almost: Leave the bastard, The Whole Truth, In the Spotlight, Scandalous

Did the make the right choice? Leave the Bastard is certainly grabby, but the other two options are a little too generic. The Good Wife is definitely the most intriguing and unusual.

Now: Dynasty

Almost: Oil

Did the make the right choice? Oil could have meant black gold but it could also have been of the olive, engine or massage variety. Too vague, and potentially creepy.

Now: Hannah Montana

Almost: Alexis Texas

Did they make the right choice? Well, they're basically the same title but with different names and locations... but Hannah Montana rhymes better.

Now: New Girl

Almost: Chicks and Dicks

Did they make the right choice? Well, the working title was certainly catchy but New Girl is more PG and less, well... suggestive.

Now: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Almost: Slayer

Did they make the right choice? Apart form the fact that Slayer is also the name of a thrash metal band, the contrast of fluffy Buffy with what would otherwise sound like a slasher movie perfectly captures the show's tongue-in-cheek humour.

Now: It's always sunny in philadelphia

Almost: Jerks

Did they make the right choice? Jerks sums up the characters in the show far better, and it's quite hard work saying a five-word title. Is it too late to change it back?

Now: Saved by the Bell

Almost: Good Morning Miss Bliss (this was a series which aired for thirteen episodes before it became Saved by the Bell. It was essentially series one of the show)

Did they make the right choice? The original title made sense when teacher Miss Bliss was the narrator rather than Zack Morris, but Saved by the Bell has a much better, ahem, ring to it.


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