Ross Kemp: Extreme World


Series 6 - Episode 6 Libya



Thousands of Africans are heading across Libya, aiming for Europe. Reaching the coast, they’re crammed by smugglers onto barely seaworthy dinghies, hoping to be picked up by European search and rescue teams. Many don’t make it that far. Some die; some are trafficked into slavery or prostitution; many are rounded up in Libyan territorial waters and then dumped in detention camps. Aid agencies can’t get to them, and it’s up to the likes of Ross Kemp to highlight their appalling dilemma.

At a time when numbers trying to cross the Med are down, but those that do are dying in ever greater numbers, this is heartbreaking television. As Kemp says, no matter your view on the “migrant crisis”, these are people, who are risking everything. No one deserves this kind of treatment.


Ross explores the arduous journey taken by those desperate to leave Libya for Europe, witnessing the many dangers the migrants encounter along the way.
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