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Your chance to be an Avenger or a Disney princess at Sky Studios

Ben Dowell and daughters take a trip to the O2 to try on Cinderella’s shoes logo
Published: Tuesday, 8th December 2015 at 9:45 am

If you have young daughters, chances are they have always dreamed of trying on Cinderella’s glass slipper. And now they can – at Sky Studios at the O2. Even better, they can do so for free even if you don't subscribe to Sky.


Open to the public until February 10th, Sky Studios promises to bring movies magically to life. It’s quite a bold claim, though I would certainly recommend it as a diversion if you’re ever at the O2 with an hour to kill. Make a trip if your little'un is a Disney nut.

A ballroom cubicle (which is essentially what it is) allows your charge to try on Cinderella’s sparkling slipper and to be photographed with characters from the movie thanks to some digital magic.

Perhaps more enchanting is a glass case situated nearby containing what looks like the actual slipper from the Lily James and Kenneth Branagh movie. The kids will stare and stare and stare at that. Or at least mine did.

There are also interactive experiences for children who aren't fans of princesses and living happily ever after. Because Sky is showing Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron this Christmas, you can take on robot drones in Iron Man’s legendary Hulkbuster armour before immersing yourself in 3D action in the epic Battle for Avengers Tower.

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For me, most fun was to be had in the mocked up Sky News studio where you pair up with your child to read the news live on air. It’s quite a thrill, especially when the Sky News music starts and you have to read the autocue. You can also download the video of your effort for the amusement of your Facebook friends – reading the news is harder than it looks or at least that was my excuse.

Sky Studios is free and open daily from 26th November to February 10th. Opening times: event days 12–8pm, non-event days 12–6pm and from 11am on weekends during December. See for the events schedule and extended opening hours during Disney on Ice days. 


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