Do you jump from work call to work call? Dedicate time to exploring The Lands Between in Elden Ring and playing other games? Or enjoy binging the latest television series (our fingers couldn't click the TV remote quick enough to pull up Bridgerton season 3)?


Whether you're a remote worker, gamer or serial streamer, there's one thing everyone has in common: reliable broadband is essential.

In an official survey, the team polled over 500 readers to gage how important fast and reliable broadband is to them. The results showed that 75% of the participants indicated how important it is to have the fastest connection speed possible.

Smartphones, Smart TVs, and gaming devices are firm features in many households, and they all take a toll on your bandwidth. But how do you know which broadband is right for you?

With factors such as download speed, the number of devices, cost, and type of broadband — Fibre or Full Fibre broadband — selecting a new Wi-Fi can be frankly confusing.

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Streaming service and home broadband provider NOW has entered the ring with a Full Fibre broadband which promises peace of mind with its 100 Mbps average download speeds.

In this guide, we've answered all of your questions on NOW Full Fibre 100, and dived into how full fibre broadband actually works.

Get NOW Full Fibre 100 broadband from £25 per month at NOW

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What is NOW Full Fibre 100?

NOW Full Fibre 100 broadband is powered by Sky, and offers the UK's most reliable broadband technology (Full Fibre). The '100' in NOW Full Fibre 100 stands for 100 Mbps average download speeds.

The Full Fibre 100 broadband from NOW is fantastic for streaming, gaming, and working from home. It's available in 39% of UK homes (you can easily check if there's coverage available for your postcode on the NOW website).

Get NOW Full Fibre 100 broadband from £25 per month at NOW

How fast is NOW Full Fibre 100?

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NOW Full Fibre 100 offers average download speeds of 100 Mbps. It's worth noting that the UK government defines super fast broadband as 30Mb/s, so with this in mind, NOW's Full Fibre 100 speeds of 100 Mbps are certainly some of the best.

NOW also offers guaranteed speeds or your money back, which is a great incentive to check out this brilliant broadband.

Get NOW Full Fibre 100 broadband from £25 per month at NOW

How does Full Fibre broadband work?

It can be confusing when selecting Wi-Fi; the sheer amount of broadband types can be overwhelming, and how can you separate your Fibre broadband from your Full Fibre broadband? The team are on hand to simplify this for you.

There are three types of broadband in the UK: ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line), which uses copper cables to a street-level cabinet or junction box, and copper cables to your home; FTTC (fibre to the cabinet), which uses fibre optic cables to the cabinet, but relies on a copper cable from the cabinet to your home; FTTP (fibre to the premises), which uses a fibre optic cable to the cabinet and to the house.

Full Fibre broadband is called Full Fibre because it uses a fibre optic cable to the cabinet and from the cabinet to your house, in comparison to Fibre broadband, which is only part fibre optic cable.

At this moment in time, Full Fibre broadband is currently the fastest broadband service UK residents can have.

Get NOW Full Fibre 100 broadband from £25 per month at NOW

How much is NOW Full Fibre 100?

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At the time of writing, NOW Full Fibre 100 will set you back from £24 per month. There's usually a £10 activation fee and a £9.95 delivery fee, however, NOW is currently hosting an offer which sees you bag a £0 activation fee and £0 delivery fee.

Standard prices apply after 24 month minimum term, and at the time of writing, these are £39 per month if you're re-contracting and £44 per month if you're out of contract.

It's worth mentioning that prices may vary if you live in a flat, and if you live in rented accommodation, consent is required from the landlord.

Get NOW Full Fibre 100 broadband from £25 per month at NOW

How to get NOW Full Fibre 100 today

NOW Full Fibre is available to purchase right now from the NOW website from £24 per month.

As NOW Full Fibre 100 is powered by Sky, when you click 'check coverage', NOW will transfer you to Sky to complete your order.


Get NOW Full Fibre 100 broadband from £25 per month at NOW