Apple iPads are powerful tablets straight out of the box, but getting the most out of your device may still require some additional accessories.


Whether it's guarding the high-resolution display with a screen protector, turning it into an ultra-portable computer with a keyboard/mousepad combo or tracking your device’s location – there are a slew of add-ons available to buy in 2022.

You may simply want the slate for browsing the internet or watching Netflix, but if you want to maximise its potential there’s no shortage of options: cases, stands, dongles, sleeves, stylus pencils and portable power banks are only some of the possible add-ons, whether your tablet is a work-from-home machine or entertainment hub.

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In this article, we will run through our pick of the best iPad accessories in 2022. But first, here’s a refresh of the current line-up of Apple iPads and their pricing:

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Best iPad accessories at a glance

Best iPad accessories to buy in 2022

Great for protection: JETech case for iPad

Price: Between £10 and £20 (based on iPad size)

The JETech range of cases won’t protect your iPad from a fall from a height but will easily guard your screen against scratches and smudges. It doubles as a stand, too, meaning the tablet can easily be propped up on a desk or kitchen counter. These cases come in a wide range of colours and are likely to be your first accessory.

All priced around £10-£20, here’s the range: JETech case for the 10.2-inch display, 10.9-inch display, 7.9-inch display, 11-inch display and the 12.9-inch display.

Great for artists: Apple Pencil (2nd Gen)

Price: £119 (RRP)

The price tag for what is essentially a stylus may seem a little excessive, but that’s Apple for you. You may find that once you start using the Apple Pencil with your tablet, it becomes a must-have tool – especially for creative drawing and note-taking. It even magnetically attaches to your iPad Pro and charges wirelessly.

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Note that the 2nd gen Pencil only works with the newer models: 11-inch Pro, 12.9-inch Pro, mini 6 and iPad Air 4. The other devices use the first Apple Pencil.

Great for students: Logitech keyboard/trackpad

Price: From £179.99 via Logitech

An affordable alternative to Apple’s own keyboards, the Logitech Combo Touch is an attractive and versatile case with a backlit keyboard and trackpad. It pairs via Smart Connector and takes power directly from the iPad, so you don’t need batteries. If you’re using your iPad for school work, this could be the accessory for you.

The Combo Touch is available to buy via the Logitech website, with pricing based on what iPad model you own. It’s in stock for three: the iPad Air and iPad Pro 11-inch keyboards cost £179.99, while the iPad 12.9 inch keyboard is priced at £199.99.

That's not the only iPad add-on sold by Logitech. Others include:

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Great for audio: AirPods Pro with MagSafe (2021)

Price: £189 (RRP £239)

So we know the speakers on your iPad are pretty great – but there’s a good chance that you will still need headphones at some point, especially while travelling or at home when you don’t want to disturb your family or partner. What better option than Apple’s own AirPods Pro, which come with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to drown out background noise and more than 24 hours of battery life via the case.

Great for travelling: Anker USB-C power bank

Price: £52.99 (RRP)

While it’s easy to plug in and charge your iPad at home, an external power bank is a huge help if you find its battery draining when you are nowhere near a plug socket. The power bank from Anker has a 20,000mAh capacity and uses an LED light-wheel to display the current battery level. It’s compatible with all modern iPads.

Great for home working: Logitech K380 keyboard

Price: From £39.99

If you already have your iPad on a stand and only need the keyboard for typing, the Logitech K380 is a great option. It connects to your iPad via Bluetooth and is more than small enough to throw into your bag if you need it while travelling. The K380 is not specifically for iPads, and will also work with your Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Android devices. It can even connect with up to three devices at a time.

Great for connectivity: Satechi Type-C dongle

Price: £59.99

Apple devices are notoriously limited on ports, and iPads are no exception. Luckily for iPad Pro (2018 and later) users, this slim and attractive dongle fixes any issues that may arise from a lack of connectivity options. The adapter adds a micro/SD card reader, an upgraded USB-C power delivery charging port, a 4K HDMI port and two USB ports. Suddenly, your iPad has more ports than many computers.

Great for productivity: Cocoda desk stand

Price: £12.99

Another accessory that will help with productivity is a desk stand – especially if you are using the iPad as a second monitor or even when drawing with an Apple Pencil. There’s a lot of choice in this category, but this model from Cocoda offers a lot for the low price – it’s compatible with all tablet sizes, boasts a sturdy aluminium and rubber build, features an adjustable stand and has a rear gap for any cables.

Great for tracking: Apple AirTags 4 pack

Price: £99

For the forgetful among us, these handy little trackers will help you quickly locate your iPad around the home. The Apple AirTags have a one-tap setup on both iPads and iPhones, meaning you can hunt down the tablet via the official Find My app. OK, so it's not really an iPad accessory – but it could come in handy if your children are always misplacing your devices. Or, for the lucky ones, if you just have a massive house.

Great for display safety: JETech screen protector

Price: Dependant on model, typically between £10 and £15.

Yes, the humble screen protector. While it may be considered a relic from a bygone era of phones, it is still incredibly effective at protecting your iPad Pro’s beautiful retina display from any fingerprints, scratches or smudges. Like its range of cases, JETech has a projector for every size of modern iPad, with 0.33mm tempered glass that’s also compatible with the Apple Pencil. It’s not very exciting, but it works.

Available on Amazon, here’s the full-screen protector range: iPad 10.2-inch display, 10.9-inch display, 7.9-inch display, 11-inch display and the 12.9-inch display.


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