One of the pioneers of the mobile phone in the 1990s and early 2000s, Motorola has has had less high-profile releases in the smartphone era. However after the successful relaunch of the Razr brand - as well as flip phones altogether - Motorola is ready to take centre stage once again with the launch of a new flagship phone- widely believed to be called the Moto Edge or Edge Plus.


Here's a round-up of the latest news and rumours for the Moto Edge, Motorola's return to high-end mobile phones.

When is the Moto Edge released?

The Moto Edge will likely launch at the Mobile World Congress on 23rd February, as evidenced by several invites to their press conference. It will likely be available to purchase soon afterwards.

How much will the Moto Edge cost?

Little is known about Moto Edge's price, especially as the company usually produces mid-range and budget phones. Motorola's last flagship attempt - the Moto Z2 Force - launched at £550 in 2017, so a similar price point seems likely.

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What might we expect from the Moto Edge?

There is a huge amount of secrecy around the new product ahead of tech launches – and usually this close to release we'd know a lot more about the phone from leaks and rumours. However very little is known about the Moto Edge, and there are few recent flagship Motorolas to use as a jumping-off point, so here is some speculation based on what we do know...


Not much is known about the Moto Edge's storage just yet - but if Motorola wants to compete with flagship phones such as the iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S11/S20, the Edge should offer at least 128GB storage. Most Motorola mid-tier phones offer around 64GB, so a storage upgrade would be expected for a high-end device.


One of the few things we do know about the Moto Edge is that it will sport a trendy punch hole camera on the front. If Motorola wants to join the smartphone big boys, then the Edge will need to have at least two cameras on the rear of reasonable resolution.


Motorola President Sergio Buniac first spoke of the company's plans for a flagship phone at Qualcomm's Snapdragon Tech Summit, confirming a Snapdragon chipset - most likely the top-end 865.

5G Capability

At the very same tech summit, Buniac said the flagship would be 5G, and a fast one too. The Moto Edge will therefore almost certainly be 5G, especially if the processor is indeed a Snapdragon 865.

Screen size

Little is known about the Moto Edge's screen, though if it has a punch hole camera it is almost certainly a full-screen phone. If Motorola is aiming high-end expect it ion the larger side, probably around 6.5inches.



A USB-C port is very likely, though it is unknown if it will become the first Motorola handset to support wireless charging.