Google Maps now has COVID layer to help keep you safe

Keep track of infections with Google maps

google maps covid

Sadly, unless you part of an indigenous tribe that lives on a remote island with no contact with the outside world, which is sounding more and more like the best way to live as the months go by, you’ll be aware of the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the globe and disrupted 2020 for us all.


Well as the infections are once again on the rise in certain countries, including here in the UK, it is becoming more important than ever to know where the higher rate of infections are and, thanks to Google Maps, you can now discover the high-risk places with ease.

But if you are wondering how to use it, here’s all you need to know.

How to view COVID case rates on Google Maps

covid google maps

Open up Google maps and navigate the location that you want to find out more about. Once you’re there, click the layers button (normally below the profile picture if you are signed in) and while you will see the usual, (satellite, terrain etc) there will be a new option called ‘COVID-19 info’.

Once you’ve done that, the information will appear and it will be colour coded- the darker the colour, the more cases in the area. While it appears that the update is still in the process of being rolled out, the plan is for it to cover 220 countries.

Speaking about the development, Sujoy Banerjee, the product manager said “While getting around is more complicated these days, our hope is that these Google Maps features will help you get where you need to be as safely and efficiently as possible”

How accurate is the COVID Google Maps update?

It is worth mentioning that you should err on the side of caution as while the information will be a good guide, it is just a guide. The stats will be gathered from places such as Johns Hopkins University, the New York Times, and Wikipedia and while the case number accuracy will likely be close, they shouldn’t be taken as fact and we would always advise looking into it more before going ahead with any travel plans.

As we all get used to the new normal with no idea when things will return to how they were pre-pandemic, it is good to see the big companies doing their part to try and keep us all safe.


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