Twenty-seven years after making its debut back on the SNES, Super Mario RPG returns with a fresh coat of paint and the same pesky puzzles. One in particular that stumps many is the Sunken Ship Password puzzle.


To get past the Sunken Ship puzzle, you need to complete six separate tasks, with each providing a clue to uncover the password.

From this, six blocks floating in the air need to be hit a certain number of times to spell out a certain word to progress, ultimately leading to a boss fight against King Calamari.

Filled with Dry Bones and Greapers, the Sunken Ship can be troublesome to make your way around. The clues can also be a little cryptic, so to make things easier we've laid out exactly how to beat the Sunken Ship password in Super Mario RPG below.

Super Mario RPG Sunken Ship Password explained

Mario in Super Mario RPG Sunken Ship in a room full of wooden boxes
Super Mario RPG. Nintendo

The Sunken Ship password is revealed via a set of memos located in six different rooms found aboard the ship. These memos are as follows:

  • Puzzle #1 – The adventurer Indigo's memo: There is an "s" in the word.
  • Puzzle #2 – The adventurer Indigo Jr's memo: It is found on the bed of the ocean.
  • Puzzle #3 – The 2nd expedition team's memo: It has two vowels.
  • Puzzle #4 – The search party Onyx's memo: It is very valuable.
  • Puzzle #5 – The 4th investigation crew's memo: "It" is actually a "they".
  • Puzzle #6 – The treasure hunter Elan's memo: "The "R" comes before the "L".

All of the puzzles require patience, timing and a bit of experimentation. If you want to see how to complete the puzzles, check out the handy video below:

For anyone who wishes to skip ahead, the word that needs to be entered into the six blocks is "PEARLS", starting at Key letter 1 and ending at Key letter 6.

Once entered, walk up to the pipe and a notice will confirm the puzzle has been completed. You can then head on through to boss battle King Calamari. Just make sure to prepare beforehand.

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Super Mario RPG is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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