You've already decorated your social media feed with the impressive and niche music you've consumed this year with Spotify Wrapped.


Now, though, you're probably wondering how else to show your followers how cool, cultured, and accomplished your 2022 was. Well, stop wondering because PlayStation Wrapped is here, where you can view and share your PS4 and PS5 stats all in one place.

Whether you've ground out a platinum in Elden Ring, fought your way to the God of War Ragnarok ending, or simply aided musical robots in Stray, you should be proud of your gaming accomplishments without comparing them to anyone else's. You don't need to show these off on social media. This round up can simply be a nice reminder for you.

Wondering how to see your PlayStation Wrapped? We'll share all the details below. First off, you might want to know that it's actually called your PlayStation Wrap-Up, so it's not an exact copy of the Spotify version.

How to see your PlayStation Wrap-Up recap

Checking your PlayStation Wrap-Up is pretty simple. All you need is internet access, a web browser of some kind, and your PlayStation login details.

Once you're all set, go to to see your PlayStation Wrap-Up recap. Key in your details, and voila - your year in PlayStation gaming should be wrapped up in front of you. Bask the in stats, the trophies and the time well spent.

And if you want to boast, sorry, share it on social media, there will be a summary card at the bottom of the page. We hope you're proud of your year's accomplishments. Now, onto 2023!

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