While the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S stock issues remain ongoing (particularly the PS5), the Nintendo Switch is far more readily available. Nintendo Switch stock in the UK is relatively easy to find, which is a great thing considering Christmas is just around the corner.


Nintendo hasn’t made it particularly simple when it comes to choosing which version of the Switch you should buy as there are actually three different kinds.

There’s the original model (£259.99 RRP), which can be played in handheld mode or hooked up to your TV via its Dock, the Switch Lite (£199.99 RRP), which is handheld only, and the Nintendo Switch OLED model (£309.99), which is a fancier version of the original with a bigger and better screen when playing handheld.

As it is something of a hot ticket item, the Nintendo Switch can be found at many different retailers up and down the country. Usually, any store you can think of should have a Switch or two in stock, but it’s always best to keep checking back if not.

One of the best places to purchase a Switch, in any of its forms, is the official Nintendo website. Its build-your-own Switch bundle offer is a great way of picking up the console with a game, online membership, and accessory.

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After picking up your Switch, you may want to pick up some accessories, such as a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Purple & Orange Joy-Cons, Micro SD Card, and a Carrying Case. There’s a lot to think about when buying a new console, not least what games you should buy for it. Read on to find out the best places to buy a Nintendo Switch in the UK.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED: Top retailers to check in the UK

With all the retailers below, you should be able to pick up a Switch OLED model with no problem. If one isn’t in stock, try another in the list. If you really want to support one particular retailer and the console isn’t in stock remember to try again later. Nintendo replenishes stock of the Switch OLED regularly.

  • AO - £309
  • Argos (has the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Special Edition in stock for £319.99) - £309.99
  • Smyths (has the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Special Edition in stock for £319.99 and the Splatoon 3 Special Edition in stock for £304.99) - £304.99

Where to buy Nintendo Switch Lite: Best stores to check in the UK

The Switch Lite isn’t stocked absolutely everywhere, but you can still find it in a majority of retailers. This is the cheapest version of the Nintendo Switch and it comes in multiple colours including yellow, coral, turquoise, grey, and blue. Remember, you cannot plug the Switch Lite into the TV as it is for handheld play only.

  • Amazon - £190 for blue is cheapest
  • AO - £195-199 depending on colour
  • Box - £199 (turquoise and coral)

Where to buy Nintendo Switch: Best shops to find original model in the UK

The original Switch model is still very much available, with Very selling only that version of the console. Remember to check back in with retailers if you spot that the machine is out of stock when you look to buy one.

  • AO - £259
  • Very - £259, plenty of bundles available with different games

There you have it – all the best places to purchase a Nintendo Switch for Christmas 2022. Now all you need to do is grab some games and you and your family will be gaming throughout the rest of next year. Remember to pick up a Nintendo Switch Online Membership to play online and gain access to some excellent retro games.

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