The Dota 2 7.36 update patch notes are here and they detail many a change that regular players will want to check out.


One massive addition to the game is that Crownfall Act 2’s fishing game is now live! Yep, it’s time to follow in Mortimer and Whitehouse’s footsteps and go fishing.

The Crownfall Act 2 update brings with it many, many gameplay changes and balance adjustments along with a new overworld map, a new story, new characters, and more.

There’s a lot to tell you about.

Read on to find out what’s changed in the Dota 2 update today (23rd May 2024) and to find the full list of version 7.36 patch notes.

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What changes in Dota 2’s update today? Version 7.36 explained

The Dota 2 update today brings with it Crownfall Act 2. This includes a fishing minigame, a new overworld map, a new story, new characters, new cosmetic items, and more.

As per an official Dota 2 blog post: "All of Crownfall’s acts will be available as new acts come online, up to the conclusion of the event." This means you can play through both Act 1 and 2 right now.

On top of the major addition of Crownfall Act 2 are a ton of gameplay changes and balance adjustments.

Perhaps the biggest gameplay change is the introduction of Innate Abilities. Each hero now has a unique Innate Ability that is live throughout every match.

Another major addition is Hero Facets. During strategy time at the beginning of each match, you can choose Hero Facets you wish to apply during the game.

A Facet, according to the official Dota 2 website, is a "hero customisation choice that provide the ability to better align the playstyle of a hero with a specific match or player preference".

After this, the update provides a long list of smaller gameplay changes and adjustments. Check them out below.

Where are the Dota 2 patch notes?

You can find the full list of Dota 2 patch notes over on the official Dota 2 website.

There are too many patch notes for us to list here, with loads of individual hero and item adjustments to name just a couple of examples. We have listed the ‘General Updates’ section of the Dota 2 7.36 update patch notes below, however:

Innate Abilities

  • Innates are abilities that are present on the hero for the entire game, from the very beginning of every match. Every hero has a unique Innate
  • The Innate for each hero can be viewed on the Hero page, or in-game by hovering a new icon between the hero talents and abilities
  • There are two types of Innates:
    • Some Innates grant a hero a unique effect. For example, Faceless Void slows enemy attack projectiles within range, and Dawnbreaker reveals the whole map to allies when the sun rises
    • Some Innates change a hero ability to have five levels and get a free ability point at level 1. For example, Kunkka's Tidebringer and Legion Commander's Moment of Courage now start at level 1, and can still be upgraded four more times like normal


  • Facets are a hero customisation choice that provide the ability to better align the playstyle of a hero with a specific match or player preference. Facets are specific to heroes: Each hero has at least two Facets, and every player can choose the Facet they prefer during strategy time at the beginning of each match
  • Hero Facets can be viewed on their hero page, below the hero name and tags. They can also be viewed in-game by hovering a new icon between the hero talent and abilities, on the scoreboard, or on the top bar when holding Alt
  • Facets are set for all players after the strategy time, and cannot be changed during a match. Facet choices aren't revealed to the enemy team until after the game begins
  • Facets can have a variety of effects, for example:
    • Viper can choose between adding an AoE damage burst to Poison Attack, or increasing defensive buffs while Viper remains in Nethertoxin
    • Wraith King can choose between summoning skeletons, or dealing additional curse damage when attacking
    • Leshrac can choose between his attacks restoring mana, or changing Diabolic Edict to explode faster but deal no damage to buildings
    • Lone Druid can choose between an improved Spirit Link, granting lifesteal in both directions, or allowing True Form to be cast on the Spirit Bear


  • Strategy time is extended by 15/10/5 seconds for the 1/2/3 weeks immediately after a numbered patch
  • Glyph of Fortification no longer refreshes when the first Tier 3 tower is destroyed
  • Glyph of Fortification now refreshes when the first Melee Barracks is destroyed
  • AoE Bonuses now affect all auras and Cleave sources
  • Dominated Creeps no longer allow players to bypass Backdoor Protection
  • Hero Denies now grant experience to the hero who created the deniable debuff
  • Mana Bars are always visible for enemies
  • Fountain Buff grants Couriers haste movement
  • If Courier has no items, pressing the Deliver Courier button sends the Courier back home
  • Mana Cost Reduction effects no longer work on abilities that drain mana over time
  • Attack Speed Display is no longer normalised to 1.7 BAT. This means heroes' max attack speed is always 700, and a buff that grants 20 Attack Speed will display as +20 always instead of a different number based on the hero’s BAT (No actual gameplay change, just a display change)
  • Spell's Cast Range is now always listed with the new icon, which is located near Mana Costs and Cooldown
  • Holding Alt displays the vision range of all Watchers in the map
  • Experience gain from Abilities and Wisdom Rune will now show up separately in the post-game XP Breakdown for Dota Plus users
  • Added a "LEVELS WITH:" parameter for ability descriptions to show which ability needs to be upgraded to level this one
  • Ability tooltips now show icons next to ability values, indicating that those are upgraded by Aghanim's Shard/Scepter, Talents, or Facets
  • Updated spectator view controls for live and replays to match vision unlinking
    • Using Radiant/Dire Fog will now correctly hide members of Radiant/Dire that have had their vision unlinked and are not visible
    • Using the player perspective on a player whose vision is unlinked will correctly hide units they can no longer see
  • Pinging items of enemies that can't be seen currently no longer reveals information on whether those items were consumed or not
  • In demo mode -createhero command supports facets by adding facet name or its number at the end of the command
  • New Dota Labs Feature: Persistent Range Indicators – If you hold Alt while right-clicking on either your experience indicator, attack range indicator (the stats part of portrait), or an ability/item, the game will draw a persistent range indicator in the world for it. You can only have at most one active at any given time, but it updates automatically when your attack/cast/AoE range changes
  • New Dota Labs Feature: Dynamic Health Bar Focus – The health bar of any hovered unit will always draw on top of other health bars
  • Added the ability to type in a hero name to jump to that hero when viewing patch notes in the client

Ability Draft

  • Innates have the following rules for Ability Draft
    • Innate abilities that do not appear on a hero's ability bar will be automatically assigned to the hero when spawning in, but cannot be drafted
    • Innate abilities that can be levelled with skill points are draftable, but will not be automatically assigned when spawning in
    • All other innate abilities are disabled for Ability Draft
  • Facets have the following rules for Ability Draft:
    • You can choose any hero facet belonging to your assigned hero during strategy time
    • Facets that grant new abilities are disabled
    • Facets that replace abilities will work if you draft the ability that is being replaced
    • If a facet has no effect on your hero you can still select it. In game, the facet will notate it has no effect

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