The Disney Illusion Island release date is here at last! The game that looks oh-so-delightful is available to buy on Nintendo Switch right now.


The long trend of nice-looking Mickey Mouse video games continues with Illusion Island - and this time, he's brought his mates along for the 2D platforming adventure.

Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy as they attempt to save the magical island of Monoth in a co-op metroidvania that's drawn inspiration from the fantastic Rayman Origins and Legends games.

Sound good? Here's everything you need to know about the Disney Illusion Island release date, where to buy, and its story and gameplay details.

Scroll to the end of the page to check out a trailer to see what all the fuss is about!

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When was the Disney Illusion Island release date?

The Disney Illusion Island release date was 28th July 2023 - it rounded out the summer month with a charming and relaxing side-scrolling adventure that the entire family can enjoy.

When was the Disney Illusion Island release time?

The Disney Illusion Island release time for those who have pre-ordered should have been midnight, as soon as it turned to 28th July. If not, the software should be live on the eShop from 2pm UK time or 5pm UK time.

There was no official word on a release time for Illusion Island; the information above instead is more general guidance from Nintendo UK for all game releases.

Can I pre-order Disney Illusion Island?

Disney Illusion Island is no longer available to pre-order and is now on general sale! You can grab it from the Nintendo Store for £34.99 right here!

Alternatively, you can buy it from Amazon here.

Which consoles and platforms can play Disney Illusion Island?

As far as we're aware, Disney Illusion Island is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

This makes sense to us, with the Switch being primarily a family-friendly console. Epic Mickey was a blast on the Wii, and we hope Disney Illusion Island is just as much fun for this generation!

Disney Illusion Island gameplay and story details

Interestingly, Disney Illusion Island offers a take on the a metroidvania genre. It's a two-dimensional platformer with plenty of exploration, so expect multiple mazes and maps in this magical world. The trailer shows a variety of different moves, from your typical run and jump to flying with an umbrella à la Mary Poppins.

And speaking of the magical world, Mickey and his friends are in a land called Monoth. It looks just as colourful and zany as you'd expect, and it needs saving from "a thousand evils" according to the trailer. Speaking of which...

Is there a Disney Illusion Island trailer?

There is indeed a trailer, released on the Nintendo of America YouTube channel. Check it out below to see the game's whimsical graphics and family-friendly gameplay in action:

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