Once you’ve completed Dead Island 2, what else is there to do? Is there a New Game Plus mode? If you’re dying to learn the answers to this question, we’ve got the answers for you down below.

While playing through the story will be enough for many players, there's plenty of you out there that will want to play more once the credits roll.

It's fairly common for developers to add New Game Plus modes into games to keep players invested long after finishing the story. It's not the only way to keep fans coming back, though, as post-game content can add new depth to an already-completed game, too.

Keep on reading to find out if there is a Dead Island 2 New Game Plus mode or not, and to see what post-game options are included.

Does Dead Island 2 have New Game Plus?

No. There is no Dead Island 2 New Game Plus mode. You can restart the game and play as a different character (there are six to choose from after all), but there is no New Game Plus mode that lets you restart with your collected equipment and skills intact.

While many other games do have a New Game Plus, the inclusion of such a mode is never a guarantee, especially at launch.

The developers could add a New Game Plus mode as post-launch free DLC. We’ve seen it happen before and wouldn’t be surprised to see it added in here too.

For now, though, and in the foreseeable future, there is no New Game Plus option in Dead Island 2.

Can you keep playing after the Dead Island 2 ending?

Yes, you can carry on playing Dead Island 2 after completing its narrative and finishing every story mission.

HELL-A remains open to your exploration needs and you can head back in to mop up any side quests you missed during your run through the story.

You may find that you can’t head back into certain regions of the game’s map, but there are some post-game activities for you to complete.

During the post-game portion of your time in HELL-A, you will be able to find other legendary weapons, acquired through completing new Lost & Found quests. These will come in handy if you’re hunting down that platinum trophy.

You can always head back into the game and replay it in co-op, too, to see how things change when playing with a buddy or two.

Restarting the game with a different character is a decent option to replay the game, too. You will lose all your progress but can access any items and weapons your player character has in the first stash, although many of these will have high-level requirements meaning you cannot use them at the start of the game.

Time will tell if the development team adds a New Game Plus mode to the game or not. For now, there is still plenty to do in Dead Island 2 after the credits roll.

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