Becoming something of an industry standard, many of you have been asking about a potential Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus mode.


There was no New Game Plus mode in Remedy Entertainment’s horror sequel at launch, but it has been revealed that there is one in the works – an ambitious ‘alternative’ mode with new story content and more.

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That’s right, the eventual New Game Plus mode in Alan Wake 2 won’t be your run of the mill ‘play again with all your items and abilities retained’ offering. Remedy is giving us a new difficulty mode, new manuscripts, and new video content along with a “new alternative narrative”.

Colour us intrigued.

Read on to find out everything there is to know about the upcoming Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus mode, including our best guess as to when it will release.

Will Alan Wake 2 have New Game Plus?

Yes, there will be a New Game Plus mode in Alan Wake 2… eventually.

At launch, there is no New Game Plus mode in Alan Wake 2. The development team, though, has promised that it’s adding a New Game Plus mode into the horror sequel post-launch.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), Remedy Entertainment revealed that Alan Wake 2’s New Game Plus is “coming after launch".

The New Game Plus mode will let players “retain all unlocked weapons and upgrades,” includes a “new Nightmare difficulty level,” and is set to introduce a “new alternative narrative, including new Manuscript pages and new video content".

This is more than your standard New Game Plus, then, and could be as potentially game-changing as what’s offered in Starfield’s post-game content.

So when will it launch?

When will Alan Wake 2 get New Game Plus?

Unfortunately, no release date has been given for the Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus mode. The development team is remaining tight-lipped for now, and all we know is that it’s “coming after launch” and that its “exact release timing” is “still TBD".

“Coming after launch” could mean that the horror sequel’s New Game Plus mode could release any time from now onwards.

Hopefully, New Game Plus is added to Alan Wake 2 sooner rather than later, but Remedy is promising something rather ambitious so we could be waiting for a while to see that new narrative, those new Manuscript pages, and new video content.

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Considering it’s now nearing the end of 2023, we’d guess that we won’t be seeing the New Game Plus mode DLC added to Alan Wake 2 until Q1 2024 at the earliest.

Without official word from Remedy, though, it’s difficult to say when for sure we’ll be treated to the New Game Plus mode. Fingers crossed the release date is revealed by the development team soon.

We’ll update this page with official release timings when they are revealed!

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