From Destiny to Anthem, there are a LOT of futuristic shooters out there, and new franchises need to be able to stand out. Enter Disintegration, a title that combines the frenetic action of shooters with the tactical thinking needed for strategy games.


Here's everything we know about this genre-blending game from the co-creator of Halo...

When is Disintegration released?

Disintegration doesn't have a release date other than 2020, but developers V1 Interactive have said they are aiming for an April/May release.

What platforms and consoles will Disintegration be available on?

Disintegration is set to be released on PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

What's Disintegration about?

In the near future, as resources are used up and Earth becomes increasingly uninhabitable, humanity's only hope is a process called Integration that transfers our brains into robotic bodies. The player becomes one of these newly integrated robo-humans called Romer, and then has the twin responsibility of piloting heavily armed Gravcycles and commanding ground troops against the domineering Rayonne forces.

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If the word Gravcycle alone didn't pique your interest, the game has both a 12-15 hour campaign as well as a multiplayer mode which supports two teams of five across three game modes. Players can choose between six distinct and charismatic clans each with unique abilities, as well as a selection of Gravcycles (they're basically flying tanks).

Oh, and pilots within the game can communicate with each other via giant emojis. Perhaps this game isn't too futuristic after all...


Is there a trailer for Disintegration?

Yes - it's incredibly futuristic: