Love Island first look: one couple are on the way out just as another arrive

Prepare to meet Francesca and Chris...eventually


Love Island is nothing if not a study of human relationships in microcosm. Which is why tonight’s episode – teased in a ‘First Look’ video on the official Love Island app – features the entire community coming together to decide which couples are allowed to continue to explore their budding romance, and which are banished from their homes and forbidden from loving forever. And perhaps cast adrift in the ocean, although they never show that part.


It’s a situation we can all relate to…provided you’re a character in a Shirley Jackson story.

“Lucy and George, and Amy and Curtis, you are still vulnerable,” goes the text. “One more couple will be dumped tonight, the other couple will remain in the villa. Which couple stays and which couple is dumped will be decided by your favourite islanders.”

Cue whispered palace intrigue:

“You’re best friends with Curtis, but we need to think about both couples.”

“Obviously Curtis and Amy, they can’t really be in the same place together, it’s awkward.”

“I feel like they’ve had their chance, I don’t feel like George has had the opportunity.”

(Has someone been spying on the editors? George Rains has been almost invisible on the programme so far.)

Amid all of the machinations, there are reminders that these are real people with real attachments. “If George leaves,” says a crestfallen Ovie, head in his hands. “I’m basically by myself.”

Also, the islanders were warned by text of the approach of newcomers Francesca Allen and Chris Taylor, with lots of scuttlebutt about how this would shake things up. (“Should Belle be worried?”)

Luckily for them, Francesca and Chris apparently decided to walk all the way to Spain, as the teaser features a ludicrously long sequence of them stomping up drive ways, down halls and around corners, all in slow motion. At this rate, they should arrive just in time for global warming to swallow the villa whole.

Or they’ll appear on tonight’s episode, whatever comes first.


Love Island is on 9pm tonight, ITV2