The best Love Island memes of 2019

The best and funniest reactions, gifs, tweets and videos from this year's summer of love

love island

Yes, Love Island is known for its cheeky challenges, sun-bathing contestants and muggy mischiefs, but there’s a lot more to it, right? We tune into ITV2 at 9pm each night to see romance blossom – to witness a social experiment proving true love can be found anywhere.


Just kidding: it’s all about the memes. From love triangles to lookalikes and awkward grafting, each talking point in the series has been accompanied by THOUSANDS of laugh out loud tweets and pictures. And we’ve rounded up the best in one place.

So hold on tight, it’s full meme ahead.


Notice: this page won’t feature any meme featuring the words “protected at all costs”, “Can I copy your homework” or just a grid of four people pointing at an islander. These. Must. Stop.

Who can deny Twitter is the best part of Love Island?

Admit it: this is your mood when the wait for 9pm is over.

2017: My type on paper

2018: I’m loyal babes

2019: It is what it is

2019: NOT the year “bevs” caught on

Where have all the islanders gone?! Is Casa Amor opened already?

Have you noticed how Tommy keeps pulling people aside?

If not, you’ve definitely spotted his love of Hannah Montana.

Then there’s Joe. We knew we’d seen him somewhere before.

These intro VTs are going a bit far this series, no?

Where has Sherif disappeared to — and what rule has he broken?

Tommy cooking the most DISGUSTING starter for newcomer Maura in a bid to impress her (and somehow, it seems to have worked)…

Speaking of Maura, she’s become a fan favourite, kickstarting the drama by driving a wedge between Tommy and Molly-Mae…

Meanwhile, Amy’s “friendship” with Lucie has not gone unnoticed – with fans highlighting her particularly displeased face with Joe chose to couple up with her once more (because who else was he going to pick?)


Love Island is on weekdays and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2