The Cry viewers in absolute shock after episode 3 twist

There was a big surprise in the trial of Jenna Coleman's character – CONTAINS SPOILERS

The Cry courtroom scene

Fans of BBC drama The Cry were in for a shock in episode three after it was revealed that Joanna (Jenna Coleman) is on trial for the killing of Alistair (Ewen Leslie).


Although scenes of Joanna in court and the non-linear timeline suggested the mother was in the dock in relation to the death of baby Noah, it turns out she’s actually been accused of killing master manipulator Alistair.

Despite the show dropping a few hints about the trial’s true nature – remember, it takes place without Alistair, and in Scotland rather than Australia where Noah went missing – the twist blew away viewers.

The fact that Alistair is dead had been kept back for the first half of the BBC series, but proved just the latest surprise in an series full of twists.

Many couldn’t hide how happy they were about Alistair’s fate.

However, the story is hardly over, with plenty of questions that need to be answered in the final episode.

Did Joanna actually kill Alistair? If so, how? And did she kill Noah too?

We’re going to have to wait until Sunday to find out.


This article was originally published on 15 October 2018

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